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25 Holy Orders For Losing Weight

I came upon this very comprehensive list on weight loss – never have I seen more simple and detailed advice for people who are fighting to lose weight. It is a miraculous revelation to me – such little, easy, habitual things to do on your path to holistic health. Here they are: Cut down on salt. In case you take…

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honey wine

Honey, Honey, How You Thrill Me

Honey is one of the preferred terms of endearment since the mid-14th Century. The word honey comes from “oneg” – the Hebrew for “delight.”It is not surprising that this marvelous food can heal you, uplift you and rejuvenate your body. Applying it in various meals and home-made medicines will help you stay healthy for good. Bees have been around for…

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is depression

What Exactly is Depression

People on Earth suffer for various reasons – they become afflicted because they lose their important ones, their partners, or parents or siblings, and sometimes this grief is overwhelming. You may experience unrequited love, or fail at an important exam, or you cannot get the job that suits you for various reasons – all these things make you feel sad.…

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Health And Emotions

Emotional Health Aspects Emotional Health, otherwise known as “well-being” stands for being able to create for you a life that is balanced, cheerful and spiritual. Emotionally healthy individuals are extremely resilient and have personal powers; they are stable and very positive, they smile, and there is magickal brilliance in their eyes. Being Smart It has to do with how you…

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Talking To Women About Their Self-Care Routine  

 Tell Me  How Do You Start When You Need A Change Some women claim they begin fighting their daily routine, changing their entire lifestyle, buying themselves fashionable clothes, changing their eating habits and employing tons of cosmetics. It could sound reasonable, but it is practically impossible, especially if you have gained the inertia of unhealthy lifestyle. Clothes don’t fit, habits…

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A Pledge For Personal Care

Hair – the Crown Lady F used to dislike her hair in her youth – she even tried different colors such as silverish blonde and deep purple. Nowadays, she is in love with its tender texture, and the hazelnut dark blonde, which looks even brighter in direct sunshine. She is definitely in need of a haircut because she looks like…

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Lady F And The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Lady F Celebrating Coffee Coffee. Sugarless, dark, black. Espresso, roasted, fresh. With just a spoon of milk –  caffè latte. The ultimate aroma experience. It excites the senses, it overwhelms, it entices, it addicts. Coffee is the morning shot of love everybody needs. Whether you drink it in Spain or in Bulgaria – it’s the same treat – the ever…

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Coffee Break

Coffee is one of the ingredients for morning super powers. It smells like heaven and tastes addictive. It is brown and fragrant, and sexy. It’s much more than what fills your stomach first in the morning, much more than the taste to your palate. No food – not even Coca-Cola generates more revenues than the brown brew does. And that…

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to be healthy

To Be Healthy

In order to be healthy you need to be merry happy and bright. You need to invest time in your body maintenance and include in your daily life your beauty routine, physical exercise, healthy diet and your generally amiable disposition. Food Wise A person who knows how to feed can repel all the weakness and illnesses from their lives. They…

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