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fairy tale cake

Alpha Gem’s A Fairy Tale Cake

A lavish fairy tale cake with golden ornaments, an experiment with white and red roses, all symbolical for love and marriage. It looks like a Faberge egg, especially with the beautiful golden top and the ribbon adorning the cake like a charm. One would feel pity if they have to cut this cake. Incredibly stylish fairy tale cake, it looks…

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Alpha Gem and Money

Money makes the world go round…that clinking, clanking sound; it makes the world go round… An Alpha Gem character once shared his attitude to spending – for our convenience let us call him Ashley. Ashley has got a pair of glasses, which are pure and transparent when he is outside, but gleam in soft lavender color when he is inside.…

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Alpha Gem

Alpha Gem Culture

Year 222 of the Age of Aquarius, Alpha Gem In the Milky Way, in the constellation of Gemini, there lies a small planet, where human tales, dreams and reveries complain of their fate. It is called Alpha Gem and it is linked to the Earth and other planets with magical portals, which are protected by inexorable, still bribable guards. It…

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