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How Do You Handle Pressure

One who procrastinates knows what pressure is. The need to finish the entire project until yesterday can really make your life tense. In order to have no pressure, you must live without a single care in the world – no tribulations, no expectations, no plans. But why defy pressure? I am very positive about pressure – for it makes things…

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I Miss You

Nowadays, since all of us have got Internet – it’s really hard to miss someone. Well, chatting is not like sitting on his lap, but it helps to relieve your cravings a lot. What do you miss? Obviously, everyone needs their daily share of attention. Attention makes you feel good about yourself, it makes you feel special and unique. Now…

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Why Is Change So Hard?

When you are after an achievement People say, in order to turn an activity into a habit – you have to repeat it every day in the course of 21 days (some say 90). If this time has not passed – it is very probable for you to return to your old ways. Let’s say you want to change your…

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Why Can’t I Control My Imagination? It’s Like I’d Just Start Imagining Something Bad out Of Nowhere with Barely Any Control to Stop It?

Do you ask yourself often “how can I control my imagination.” Yeah, writers often fear that. Imagination is tricky in its omnipotence. It can lead you everywhere. Sometimes, it could scare you. Like when you are reading a book with a lot of suspense and you imagine bad ending. But you can learn to control it and master it to…

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How Do You Know Someone Is Your Soul Mate?

I am quite certain that being a soulmate is a privilege you are free to bestow on almost any human being, with whom you happen to have a deep spiritual connection. I am of the opinion that the similar attracts the similar. When you are attracted to somebody on many levels, attracted with the core of your soul – you…

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What Is The Smallest Kind Of Heartbreak?

When you walk at a fast pace and you pass by a disabled person. When you are single and hang out with your friend and her boyfriend and they are kissing the entire time. When you haven’t caught the bouquet at a wedding. When someone depends entirely on your service. When you have to dig in the street trash to…

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love letter

What Are Some Tips To Write A Good Love Letter?

No love letter is good enough. No letter can do justice to your love. Love’s just a condition in human life, where the words are incapable. If someone knows how – those are the poets of the world, who have tried to express their love suffering through words…I would advise you to steal from the Greats: The Good Book –…

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naming of cats

The Most Beloved Poem About Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter, It isn’t just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES. First of all, there’s the name that the family use daily, Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo or James, Such as Victor or…

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girl buys chocolate

What Is The Meaning If A Girl Buys Chocolate For A Boy?

The meaning of a chocolate! Well, one of the guys in my life called it “an exchange unit of love.” Often, instead of saying everything that matters, I’d give him chocolate. The three words I long to hear are “chocolate isn’t fattening…” Chocolate has got the tastiest scent in the world. Chocolate bars have wonderful inscriptions on their shiny wrapping…

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best feelings

What Are Some Of The Best Feelings In Life?

There is a myriad of best feelings in life. I like touching flowers, entering a church, trying different perfumes. It’s lovely when you learn to knit, or make pots, when you listen to the rain outside, curled in bed with a good book. I love it when my hair is caressed, when I make a man put on my lipstick…

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still single

Why Are You Still Single?

My fans always ask me how do I manage to stay single. It’s not that hard, forgive me the prosaic smile… It requires a great attitude to myself, to feel happy and realized without an amorous relationship. Once upon a time, a saint said to me: There are thousands of ways of loving, and you have discovered one or two,…

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common sense

Lady F I Am Lost Between Feelings and Common Sense

Dearest Lady F, I really need someone to show me the path. I lost myself between feelings and common sense. I had this very bad habit to leave when things don’t suit me: something at work bothers me, I quit; a man doesn’t please me completely, I leave him… And now I’m in a situation I just want to leave…

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imagination and

Lady F & Dr. Mariana Discussing Imagination and Hallucinations

Hello Lady F, These days I came across a topic on imagination and its types. It turned out there were three categories of imagination – creative, fantastical and episodic. Creative imagination was the hardest one – like composing an opera or discovering a scientific breakthrough. It’s the least possible to be acquired by most people since this is almost genius’s…

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A Few Thoughts On Success

Success, in case you have never heard of it, is considered most necessary for one’s inner well-being. Personally, I believe in failure. According to Maya Angelou: So what is a success? Is it love, family, pride, joy or money – in this order? To different people, success means different things, depending on their priorities. Usually, in our lives, we have…

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How To Get Slimmer

How To Get Slimmer

Do you wonder how to get slimmer? You need a Smart and Balanced Diet You have definitely heard the sentence: “You are what you eat.” We feed in order to support our bodies, and they are such complicated systems because the food is not only fuel, it is also information. Your body needs energy and matter. It is fueled by a…

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attention to details

Attention To Details

Who pays attention to details? Artists and writers do. Creators do. Everyone should pay attention to details. Why? For the ardent love of prettiness… Sugar, spice and everything nice… Details make everything posher Details require your attention, and they deserve it because most of them get us better results. You perform better in any job that can be done, if…

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How to Act Like You don’t Care?

Sometimes we fall for people, who seemingly do not care. Sometimes you’ve had enough and you want to return the favor – of neglect. You want to thank – for all the joy and pain, and you want to keep your heart beating, regardless of the humiliation. In such cases, it is favorable for you, if you can pretend that…

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dirty talking

The One Thing No One Tells You About Talking Dirty

Men and women are much alike in being fond of dirty talking under the corresponding circumstances. But what nobody tells you is that you can talk hard, even if you are not using a single indecent word. You can talk hard through hints and mysterious lines. Everything around you is sexy and can be employed in your excited talk: the…

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can passion

Can Passion Turn Into Love?

Dear Reader, My younger sister asked me if passion can turn into love. I promised I will answer in this post, and she asked me: will you do a little research or will you answer from own experience. Since she’s not fascinated with my own experience, I decided to do a little research to please her. So research has it…

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The Worst Sex Advice

Humiliate each other! For a person with healthy confidence, this is a deal breaker on both the giving and the receiving end. Breaking her dignity is just about the worst sex advice you will ever get. Why? People should raise each other when they make love. That’s what domination and submission are all about. When you have sex with a…

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The Man Who Doesn’t Get Lucky

This man is notoriously good, and smart, and genuine. He buys you coffee and treats you right. He is in a reproductive age and has got a decent income. But there is a drama in his entire adult life: He just does not get any. He is so unlucky that in case he is asked to take part in a…

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30 Things Lady F Should Stop Doing

Don’t walk out with hair that is not well combed and arranged. Don’t stay at home during the cold spell. Stop pestering “The One.” Stop falling in love with people who just pass by. Don’t spend the day working without a break. Do not be such a relationship perfectionist. Stop fearing success. Stop expecting from people to understand you. Stop…

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30 Things Lady F Should Start Doing

Put cinnamon in your coffee. Care more for your hair and your other wonderful female virtues. Start using the “snail mail” and spam your friends with cards for no occasion. Learn to cook with pistachio oil. Watch documentary movies. Develop all your long-term projects. Make B plans for the times, when you are bored and procrastinating. Try to plan activities…

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love yourself

How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself No, Lady F does not have in mind narcissism. Madonna says that until you learn to love yourself, you will never ever be loved by anybody else. Humans are imperfect creatures, with a strongly inherent desire to be perfect. When they feel they are less perfect than others, they get worried. For superficial people – that…

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curvy ladies

An Article In Defense Of Curvy Ladies

  Curvy ladies are ancient They are like the statues of Greek Goddesses of ancient times. Once upon a time, it was believed that a heavy woman will be more fruitful and bear healthy children more easily. They are hotter Subliminally, curvy ladies are definitely hotter than skinny girls. They are tender like pillows and exude sensuality. You can sink…

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Kind of Kiss

20 Kinds Of Kisses You Have To Taste

 The In-Love Kiss Two people fondly in love join their lips in a sweet union. It’s the only kind of kiss that counts and being in love is essential for all types of kissing that are described below: The “Little kiss” This is the kind of kiss men apologize with. They search your lips with their lips and plant a…

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To Pay The Bill

Does He Have To Pay The Bill?

What Do You Think Ladies – Does He Have To Pay The Bill? Now, if her daddy is rich, Take her out for a meal, And if her daddy is poor, Just do what you feel Don’t pay the bill…   Who is to pay the bill? Love and money – the Beatles pledged that money can’t buy you love,…

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How To Heal A Broken Heart

So How Does One Deal With It? First, you have to know that the heart is a flexible muscle. So, the broken heart is one of the great illusions of life. You feel desolated, you feel like you don’t exist – but other people can touch you and see you, so this is not the case. Confused, you don’t know…

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money making

Money Making For Young People

Baby, you can drive my car! Do you want to be professionally orientated? Are you barely eighteen? That’s the worst age for money making. Most people think you are supposed to wait tables and shine shoes. Do not allow them to persuade you in this. Get a life, not a job! You have to think the entire time of developing the…

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exaggerated makeup

The Exaggerated Makeup Effect

Guys seem to be beware of the paint. Girls, don’t do exaggerated makeup! Is there something more tasteless than glaring makeup? If it’s your prom night, all your female friends will say you look awesomely. But they will remember it for years and reproach you on any occasion with a forgiving smile. For flashy makeup even on a flashy occasion…

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fall for your best friend

What If You Fall For Your Best Friend And He Rejects You

Did you fall for your best friend? Destiny has never been so cruel. Not even when you can’t find a pair of similar socks in the morning. After years of friendship, you discover you are true soulmates.You are so happily enamored! You have discovered true, faithful and eternal love. You welcome this emotion like a revelation – you have already…

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I love them both

I Love Them Both And I Can Not Choose

I love them both I am in love like a school-girl and I am in trouble. To love them both and have all of them loving me… Two men. None of them believes he is the only one. It is such a ridiculous situation. I love them both as If they are Christmas stars. Does being fabulously in love with…

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Karaoke Night Out

You deserve to go to a karaoke night out at least once a month. It’s such a pleasant emotion. No one can really sing and people are basically roaring in the microphone, but with such love, such passion! It is wonderful to see so many people happy, happy from something small. It is the chance to be center stage for…

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When My Beautiful And Smart Girlfriend Breaks Up

When does the relationship smell of disaster? When the woman wants sex more than the man does. Sex is essential in a relationship. Trouble is lurking, if he acts inexperienced and can not satisfy you for more than five minutes in a row. Suddenly, he breaks up with you with a text, and he does not want to see you…

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Makeup Inspirations

When you want to be original and different for a special occasion, when you want to be really unusual – you resort to makeup. Makeup has been employed by humans since times immemorial – once it used to be a part of rituals and ceremonies. Even today the indigenous tribes color their faces in original ways – to express themselves…

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he likes me

How To Know If He Likes Me

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. Do you like yourself, girl? Chances are if you do – you will be vital, cool and natural – in other words: irresistible. The attention you are going to get from the male species is reciprocal to your self-confidence. As Madonna put it: “Until I learned to love myself, I was…

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Five Ingredients For The Perfect Date

Taste Now if her daddy is rich – take her to fine dining or wine tasting. You want to remember and post in Facebook the gourmet food you have shared with your girlfriend. But if her daddy is poor – at least once a month serve her pancakes and jam in bed, she will most definitely award you for this.…

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