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passionate dance

A Passionate Dance

Let us talk about inspiration in the lowest chakras, a great spiritual endeavor – a passionate dance! It’s the story of how two energies flow into one so fervently and dynamically that you get dizzy in the head. The song, the dance, the beat, the rhythm is just an excuse. As if the Lord has bid the man to do…

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romantic gestures

The Ultimate Guide For Romantic Gestures

Online Romantic Gestures   Tangible Romantic Gestures Decorate his room in St. Valentine’s style – with a lot of hearts and rose petals and balloons, bouquets of long-stem roses, candies, and don’t forget the chocolate and champagne. Get creative! 2. Serve tea and muffins in bed. Try to make breakfast look really pretty and inviting. Don’t skimp on the strawberries…

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Insolent Suitors

Insolent Suitors

The horror of each enamored woman is all the men who trot about her the entire time, with different methods of approach, but with the same agenda – the infamous Insolent Suitors. Like literary characters, Insolent Suitors want something all the time, but it is not innocent as a glass of water. The Cavalier: “I was tempted to know what…

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first move

Who Should Make the First Move?

It’s a painful question. I have always believed women choose their men, always. Women always get to pick. They intuitively know exactly how to act in order to attract a mate. As a friend of mine says – a woman has to be an inspiration for the man. But what happens in the unfortunate moments when a woman longs for…

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Great Sex Cannot Follow A Recipe

Have you ever tried a good intense movie scene at home? Have you tried to fry your eggs on her belly like Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots? Or dance for him in the way Kim Basinger did on high heels in Nine 1/2 Weeks? Or use some butter as they did in Last Tango in Paris, the scandalous movie with…

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older men

Why Do Women Like Older Men?

Should age matter when it comes to love? Yes, men like wine get better with time. I am conducting research about Hollywood couples with a great age difference, and all of them without exception look extremely happy!  The most scandalous couple of all seems to be… Woody Allen And His Wife Obviously, Allen is married to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter –…

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someone else

What If You See Him With Someone Else

There is someone else? Before you die from jealousy, here are a few things you need to know: If he has got a romantic interest in you it is pretty plausible that he will gravitate around you together with his female entourage – for he wants to provoke you and to tease you. It goes without saying, his behavior emanates…

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smart women

Smart Is The New Sexy

Why are smart women so appealing? Well, they are eloquent, virtuous and stylish, aware of their uniqueness and they know a woman needs only a smile to be pretty. Besides – they are men savvy and they know how to brownnose the heroes. A smart woman is the one who will always let her man excel in smartness, while she…

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How To Heal The Plague of Neglect

The worst thing one can do to human beings is ignoring them. The worst death is from the slow agony of neglect. Here is some advice on how to survive neglect. What is neglect? Neglect is defined as paying no attention, or too little attention, and disregarding a person or a cause. It’s bordering with disdain, rejecting, or failing the…

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The Attitude of A Mature Woman

In their adolescence, girls who genuinely like you act as if you do not exist. Most of them never develop from this stage. So, we may speak of the attitude of mature women, vs. the attitude of immature women in a relationship, and in the act of courtship. We recognize the following trends: The immature woman apologizes, the mature woman…

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he likes you

How To Conclude He Likes You?

Men are tricky. Most of them will never admit that they are enamored. Is it cheesy and below their dignity, we do not know. But even if they do not do anything conscious to admit their love, there are still some reactions that testify the man is in trouble with you and is about to act unreasonably. You wonder if…

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Sexiest Features of Men

This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure Fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!   Manners Even peacocks are educated how to do it. They attract the females with an open trembling tail with thousands of eyes. The men I am captivated by open doors…

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why love

Why Love Hasn’t Come To Me?

There was this wonderful pop song, which stated: “You can’t hurry Love, You just have to wait…” Really. So true. Madonna put it that way: “Until I learned to love myself, I was never, ever loved by anybody else…” Do you sometimes wonder why each little bird has a someone? It seems like love passes by most of us, and…

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How To Tell Her There Is Someone Else?

Whatever tactics you use, it’s Crash! Boom! Bang! news. Check her pulse to find out whether she is still alive after she has received this perverse information. Dying from neglect is epidemic – it causes more misery than terminal illnesses. You are suddenly someone left without a loaf a bread, bullets flying all around your head, doesn’t he love you…

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Cuddling After Sex

Your lover excels every other man if he knows how to hug. Cuddling is an art. It’s sharing the warmth of your body and heart. You have to be pressed tenderly and tightly by your lover, he must breathe in your ear and speak eloquently, your breath needs to coincide with his and both of you should be amorously exalted.…

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dating sites

The Dating Sites Experience

To say that dating sites are boring will be an understatement. The trouble is, that behind those screen names, there are genuine people, with real souls who are extremely bored. Each one is screaming for the greatest generosity: attention. The procrastinators of the world gather in the dating sites to exchange energy, but there, they are usually subject to bitter…

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water in sensuality

The Power of Water in Sensuality

Water has got its own intelligence, which makes it dramatically sensuous. When my Beloved takes a shower, I usually tell him I want to be the hot air in the bathroom and the water, which flows on his divine body. I would like to be as gentle, as pure as the flowing liquid, and explore his every cell. I want…

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should I text

Should I Text Him?

Sigh. Yes! But what if he rejects me? Probably it is a bad idea? Then keep it to yourself! Sigh. Sighs, kisses, and smiles – you are in love with the man. Do you think it is improper? It’s the most scandalous thing in the world – being in love! Yes, verily, I have heard the question “should I text…

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public displays of affection

Public Displays Of Affection

Today we shall talk about public displays of affection. Should affection always be demonstrated behind heavy draperies? Or should we unleash our instincts and claim the woman who belongs to us in front of everyone? Public displays of affection are a total turn on for everyone. However, your attitude to doing this in public depends on how comfortable you are…

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flirt at the office

Flirt At the Office – Yes or No?

Well, should married, or enamored people never work together? Should you ignore your feelings at work, or simply be free to express yourself? Let’s flirt! Flirt boosts creativity. I am one hundred percent for flirt at the office – and for that matter anywhere else. Flirt feels good to the soul. It revives the atmosphere. It keeps you blushing, fresh,…

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On Being Needy

A woman in a relationship often exhibits certain neediness. It all comes from feeling a little insufficient and inadequate to herself. You are not advised to approach your Beloved with fear. First, it must be crystal clear to you what an irresistible being you are. In order to fully give in to a relationship, without being too demanding, or too…

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The Men I Have No Chance With

Michael Jackson On a regular basis, police officers had to drag the bodies of young women, who fainted from ecstasy during his concerts. He managed to excite and exhilarate the crowds, he made them cry, he connected them with his commanding passion. A great soul, and my first love, Michael Jackson will live forever in my heart. Flying on his…

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When Do You Think You Are In Paradise

When love is burning They say paradise is not a place. It is a feeling. I am quite positive it is the feeling of being in love. You are sunk deep in extreme happiness that goes beyond what you are able to explain or bear. You feel blissful and alive and for a good reason. There is this divine being…

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Dying From Jealousy

Lady F, I am dying from jealousy, what should I do? When your crush innocently tosses in the conversation that he has “met someone,” isn’t that very cool? The first thing you feel like doing is getting drunk, getting into a fight and paying for sex. Forget about the inner eruption, forget about the tears. He might be teasing you.…

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the perfect date

22 Ideas for the Perfect Date

Cuddling in bed, pizza and a Disney marathon. It’s cold outside, both of you are wearing long, knitted socks and your bodies are intertwined and warm under the covers. On a huge TV screen, the genius of Disney puts you in a spectacular romantic mood. You get to feed him pizza mouth to mouth. “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no…

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Romance in December

Make it a December to remember! Second only to St Valentine’s the Christmas holiday is the most romantic time of the year. It’s time for special treats and loving gestures, time to think of your important other and do things that matter to your relationship. Here are just a few ideas: How to drive him wild? Give him a T-Shirt…

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what women do men like

What Women Do Men Like

Men like women. In all qualities and quantities, men like women. Tall or small, they like them, rich and poor they like them. For every train there are passengers. For instance one of my friends used to be in love with this weird, plumpy girl, because she had those irrelevant, huge cheeks, which were practically hanging from her face like…

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blind date

A Blind Date

On a blind date one of two possible scenarios can take effect. Both individuals like each other, they go for it, and wake up heavenly in love. Both individuals hate each other and part without achieving satisfaction of any kind. Let us call the two scenarios The Way of Harmony and The Way of Disharmony, like the Tea Ceremony is…

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If There Be Sorrow

“If There Be Sorrow Let it be For things Undone Undreamed Unrealized Unattained To these add one: Love withheld Restrained” For is there something more beautiful, more compelling than the devoted heart? Sometimes, when you are so overwhelmed with someone, you dare speak not your cravings, but still, he rules your every awaken moment. It is like you are placed…

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meeting your ex

Meeting Your Ex

Why meeting your ex sucks? Meeting your ex is not the best of experiences. Normally, there is this bitterness between you – both of you feel screwed in some way, you are prone to nag at each other for various reasons…You are even inclined to mocking him especially if he is genuinely open with you and you are afraid both…

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What Men Do Women Like?

At least the female point of view… The Hero “I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night. He’s gotta be strong, and he’s gotta be fast, and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight…” Yes, this magnificent human male specimen, who makes your nipples hard at the very sight of his masculine…

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11 Common Misconceptions About Love

It has to be requited. Noooo, it can be just as good as a solitary experience, in some cases even better. You have got this eternal striving force, which fuels all your creativity and you are bursting with emotions, you are an addict. An addict is an ugly word for this state of blissfulness you enter when contemplating him. You…

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the spark

The Spark: Falling Into Him

But how does one fall in love? What does falling into him mean? It’s called “a spark.” You cannot write enough about this love phenomenon. Basically, the world is a new and miraculous place revolving around Him. You put on different socks in the morning and you are suddenly ready to bear as many children as he wants. No stilettos…

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Curvy Like A Violin

It seems curvy women generate more romantic interest in men. Compare a voluptuous, passionate woman, shaped like a Guitar Center, Hofner Violin Bass to her bony competition. It’s a matter of fashion as well, really, but history has it proven that most men like their hands full. Renoir and Rubens Think about the women of Renoir and Rubens. According to…

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Orgasm Relieves Stress

I like to say: “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” It feels wonderfully well for very good reasons. When you climax, your brain releases “the hormone of pleasure,” oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone.” Researchers also claim that this very hormone – released on a regular basis – would prevent adultery. While you climax your brain also…

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make out

Where To Make Out?

Make out on the beach, while people are passing by, she wouldn’t mind if you place your finger underneath her swimsuit and, well…surprise her… But first, of course, you have to ask for permission. Do this without asking on a desolated, enchanting beach, with warm sand and blue waves. Zakynthos. Until she is no longer able to resist. Let her…

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What Breasts Do Men Like?

There are two words essential to the feminine self-esteem: No gravity! Your breasts should not be at all interested in this natural force. When you pull the bra off – they do not fall and spill upon your belly. On the contrary – they stay soft and ripe and shaped as heavy fruit. When you cup them from underneath they…

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The Magic To Be A Woman

Why are we “the fair sex?” The Woman is an archetype. She symbolizes everything that is holy, and good and regal, and brilliant. She is also wanton, deliberate and promises mischief. As Byron put it, and Byron knew well about women: “And all the best of dark and bright, meets in her aspects and her eyes.” Holy We have inherited…

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how to express

How To Express Your Sexual Interest

The peacock opens its tale and performs a romantic dance to enchant his future lover. But how to express your feelings when you are a human? What do men do? In different traditions, they do different things. In Cairo, a man will promise to your father a lot of camels, two jeeps and he will gladly open his wallet for…

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