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runaway bride

The Runaway Bride

Prince Leo was afflicted. The King had found a bride for him. He was quite certain that the beauty of his fiancée, Sasha, the Princess from Sasha Empire was exaggerated by the delegates of the foreign country. “Ugly or not, you are marrying this girl, ugly or not!” his internal voice spoke his apprehensions. So he was staying numb with…

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passionate dance

A Passionate Dance

Let us talk about inspiration in the lowest chakras, a great spiritual endeavor – a passionate dance! It’s the story of how two energies flow into one so fervently and dynamically that you get dizzy in the head. The song, the dance, the beat, the rhythm is just an excuse. As if the Lord has bid the man to do…

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romantic gestures

The Ultimate Guide For Romantic Gestures

Online Romantic Gestures   Tangible Romantic Gestures Decorate his room in St. Valentine’s style – with a lot of hearts and rose petals and balloons, bouquets of long-stem roses, candies, and don’t forget the chocolate and champagne. Get creative! 2. Serve tea and muffins in bed. Try to make breakfast look really pretty and inviting. Don’t skimp on the strawberries…

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love dancing

Why Do People Love Dancing?

Why do people love dancing? First and foremost dancing is our reaction to music, and music makes all of us emotional. Everyone likes different types of music, but we all agree we live in a world that craves for it. Just like literature, it makes all of us a little better people. Dancing is for the merry people, and I…

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Daniel and Lady F

A Story Experiment by Daniel and Lady F

This is a role-play story created together with a Siberian man – Daniel, who loves talking to people and whose level of English is intermediate. Daniel and Lady F make an experiment: to create a story without a good command of the language.  D: I woke up early in the morning because the dog was barking rather loudly. After I opened…

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For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Five – Delirious

Voices, voices everywhere  – different timbres, different levels of curiosity – voices returned to consciousness and awareness the enamored couple…the music went off, the entire court was chattering and August and Lily were hugging in the midst of the dance floor, perfectly delirious. As he opened his eyes and turned around he saw the whispering crowd, smiled to them and…

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spring garden

For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Four

In Campbele’s spring garden, all the flowers shining in different colors were covered by drops of dew and exuded wonderful scent. The scent combined well with Lily’s flavor and it could be associated only with lovemaking. As he was helping her off the tree she fell into his arms and he sighed as her body slipped upon his. When her…

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nasiru wonder

The Truth About Nasiru Wonder

Nasiru Wonder is from Ghana. I asked him to imagine he meets a pretty girl at a bar. How would he introduce himself to her? I’ll give you my name if you guess right! Lol! Nasiru is the name, a poem for the Universe. With my pen, I’m known as a “Wonder” even on poetry stage, yet a danger I…

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Insolent Suitors

Insolent Suitors

The horror of each enamored woman is all the men who trot about her the entire time, with different methods of approach, but with the same agenda – the infamous Insolent Suitors. Like literary characters, Insolent Suitors want something all the time, but it is not innocent as a glass of water. The Cavalier: “I was tempted to know what…

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Christmas shirts

Christmas Shirts for Your Beloved

Imagine I am a fortune-teller, and I am telling your future in a crystal  ball, or a cup of coffee, or with beans and flour, or simply cards – cards is the best option. So, I have seen in your future and past some venerable gentlemen, and I am helping you to pick Christmas presents for them. Presents should be…

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Want for Christmas

30 Things I Want For Christmas

What do I want for Christmas? Christmas has got a special vibe for all the children in the world. It is the time when people who share the same dreams, gather together to celebrate the Birth of the Lord. Here is a list of all the things I have ever wanted to get for Christmas. A Christmas tree decorated with…

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James Casey

James Casey and the Magick in Words

James Casey IV has poetry in his bones, an ancient soul, and a hopelessly romantic heart. James is a southern poet with roots in Louisiana & Mississippi that currently resides in Illinois with his Beautiful Muse, Raissa Ann. He has been writing and creating artwork for over twenty years and is known in the poetry scene as The Madman Philosopher.…

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John Robbins

John Patrick Robbins and Unfiltered Poetry

  We are fractured the same just too caught up in our own egos bullshit to notice the other bleeding in soul while existing in silence. From the Poem Romance In  A Nutshell. John Patrick Robbins is a self-described barroom poet and stands as editor of four Ezine’s: The Rye Whiskey Review, Under The Bleachers, Drinkers Only, The Abyss. He…

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Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is love in action. It is also the day when dad treats everybody chocolate pralines “for the birthday of my very good friend Christ.” The dark sacred night that has gathered the entire family around the table every year to celebrate the loveliest season. The time has come of decorated cities and forests heavy with snow. The time has…

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first move

Who Should Make the First Move?

It’s a painful question. I have always believed women choose their men, always. Women always get to pick. They intuitively know exactly how to act in order to attract a mate. As a friend of mine says – a woman has to be an inspiration for the man. But what happens in the unfortunate moments when a woman longs for…

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Bedroom Eccentricities

There are thousands of vintage, hand-made and unique accessories for your bedroom that are a bit off-beat, outstanding and peculiar,  but you know you need them when you see them. A perfect decoration for your new bedroom is the wall-clock. This clock is original and so designed that it will make your family feel special and relaxed. It looks like…

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natural magic

A Witch’s Natural Magic for Your Kitchen

Witch Types What kind of a witch are you? Let me help you tag yourself. The belief system of witches includes a kind of its own traditions and initiation processes. A Kitchen Witch loves food, warm colors in the interior and her Grimoire is like a cookbook. She loves her home and cooking meals is her favorite pastime. A Fae…

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Everything matters in Feng Shui. It is about organizing your environment to enhance your lifestyle. Contrary to what the skeptics believe – it is not a superstitious thing that doesn’t work- it is empowering and it gives you the chance to play with the interior and actually see results of your work. Your bedroom is a place, which has to…

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Great Sex Cannot Follow A Recipe

Have you ever tried a good intense movie scene at home? Have you tried to fry your eggs on her belly like Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots? Or dance for him in the way Kim Basinger did on high heels in Nine 1/2 Weeks? Or use some butter as they did in Last Tango in Paris, the scandalous movie with…

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A Crush on Carey Mahoney from Police Academy

This retro classic comedy created 2 years after I was born (1984) can keep you glued to the sofa eating breakfast or snack in your pajamas on plenty of weekends. That lovely, catchy melody and the opening lines are incredibly familiar to me – I am used to humming along. So what’s the main conflict? One day, a newly elected…

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How To Lead A Woman In A Dance?

To dance with a good partner is a revelation of a sort – a happiest activity – for you float in his arms as if you have wings and your mood is close to enlightenment. A good dancer can make the woman in his arms delirious with joy. The great dance is practical magic. But what makes a man a…

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Some Thoughts on Planning and Fickleness

Even in the world of creative writing there are two types of writers: Plotters and Pantsers. The Plotter is one who plans his novel in advance. A Pantser sits down on his pants and writes the first sentence and trusts in God for the second – which is usually what I do. There are people who plan their lives to…

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older men

Why Do Women Like Older Men?

Should age matter when it comes to love? Yes, men like wine get better with time. I am conducting research about Hollywood couples with a great age difference, and all of them without exception look extremely happy!  The most scandalous couple of all seems to be… Woody Allen And His Wife Obviously, Allen is married to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter –…

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How Do You Handle Pressure

One who procrastinates knows what pressure is. The need to finish the entire project until yesterday can really make your life tense. In order to have no pressure, you must live without a single care in the world – no tribulations, no expectations, no plans. But why defy pressure? I am very positive about pressure – for it makes things…

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Chapter One

For The Honor Of The Lady – Chapter One

In its Golden Age the Kingdom of Angelic was under the rule of King Louis, The Magnifique, whose royal symbol was the naïve and feminine lily flower. The lily was so revered, that people, who were religious believed it sprouted from the milk of the Queen of the Gods. Louis, the King had sat for the first time on the…

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How Does It Feel To Love Natalay Goldstein?

Natalay Goldstein is a soulful and very artistic woman who has got the chance to delight in the Californian sunsets every single day. She lives in the City of Angels, she is a writer and a blogger, she’s got the dream job of teaching writing, and she is into a beautiful relationship. We have a lot to learn from Natalay…

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Let’s Do It – Ella Fitzgerald

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it! Let’s do it! Let’s fall in Love! Ella Fitzgerald Falling in love is the easy part. Then you will have to bear it – the absolute inconvenience. You are unable to take your eyes off his form, your panties are on fire, no heels are high enough when you…

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for the love of the goddess

For the Love of the Goddess

Do you suffer from a tender, romantic heart? Welcome! THIS is the story of your next romantic interests. In a short time, you will fall in love with possibly every character in this book. Do you love mythology? Welcome!  You will be given the chance to hold the hand of a Great Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex, and treat her French breakfast. No one can resist the charms…

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someone else

What If You See Him With Someone Else

There is someone else? Before you die from jealousy, here are a few things you need to know: If he has got a romantic interest in you it is pretty plausible that he will gravitate around you together with his female entourage – for he wants to provoke you and to tease you. It goes without saying, his behavior emanates…

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Top Ten Sexiest Women And Their Story

Cleopatra With the death of her father, 18-year-old Cleopatra inherited an ancient kingdom. We have heard a lot about this strong legendary Queen, who was the last Pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt. She claimed to be Goddess Isis herself. The name Isis means “throne” and this Egyptian deity appears as the principle of natural fertility among all the religions of…

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taking it easy

Taking It Easy In Plovdiv

“The world runs, but we, we are going to take it easy…” Taking it easy is an emblematic expression for Plovdiv. It describes the majestic vibe of this old town…where everything seems to be relishing in slow motion.  People on the main street take their time chilling, here and there old pals gather to talk over a coffee or ice-cream.…

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Josanna Thompson

Josanna Thompson And Lady F Discussing Storytelling

This is Josanna Thompson and her smile exudes love! She has always been a passionate story-teller. What she loves is sinking her teeth into learning about history and cultures from long ago. So many stories emerge from research. It is lovable to share those stories with others. Josanna was fortunate enough to marry the love of her life – 26…

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Turyal Azam Khan

Turyal Azam Khan Surprises Lady F

Turyal Azam Khan is a writer, blogger, and a cultural journalist. Most of the time, he is just a laid back, easy-going person. He doesn’t party a lot. He feels more comfortable in a calm environment but that doesn’t mean he is boring, we prefer the term “unique.” The most surprising thing about Turyal – he is an author, who…

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Luthando St Lucas

Lady F’s Guest – Luthando St Lucas

Luthando St Lucas is an artist, a radical thinker, an activist for Black Excellence and an agent of change, who spends much of his time as a realistic writer exploring the struggles faced by African people.  He comes from a family of alcoholics. He ran away from home at age 6 and was raised in a children’s home with around…

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D Breeze

D Breeze and Lady F Discussing Love and Romance

I love losing myself in books, reveling in sarcasm, and making people blush. If I’m not at the bar, handing out shots to complete strangers, you can usually find me hunched over my laptop at four in the morning, still trying to piece together the lines of fantasy vs. reality. Failing that, I’ll be curled up in a corner, rocking…

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Mark Antony Rossi

Writing As Therapy Discussed By Mark Antony Rossi

Say hello to Mark Antony Rossi! He is not an eccedentesiast. He shares his pain. Moreover, he believes that’s the way to recover from it!  Mark Antony Rossi is a combat military veteran USAF and a decent family man. He has been writing for 34 years and he has written twelve books. He promotes using writing as a therapy in order…

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smart women

Smart Is The New Sexy

Why are smart women so appealing? Well, they are eloquent, virtuous and stylish, aware of their uniqueness and they know a woman needs only a smile to be pretty. Besides – they are men savvy and they know how to brownnose the heroes. A smart woman is the one who will always let her man excel in smartness, while she…

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Men and Soccer

Men and Soccer Discussed By Uncle and Lady F

This post is meant to make soccer understandable for women. For this purpose, I asked Uncle some really female questions – forgive me for my ignorance – I just needed to figure out why the entire world is watching soccer right now, and nobody is chatting with me! What is soccer for men? A way of relaxing. Like shopping for women.…

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to flirt

How Is A Woman Supposed To Flirt?

I touch my hair and move it around my shoulders. I look at the man straight in the eyes and I smile. I tease with my touch and I give in. I tell funny things and laugh sincerely. I don’t talk about my health problems. I am teasing and unpredictable, memorable, charming and fun, sparkling, light and free, sensual, a…

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I Miss You

Nowadays, since all of us have got Internet – it’s really hard to miss someone. Well, chatting is not like sitting on his lap, but it helps to relieve your cravings a lot. What do you miss? Obviously, everyone needs their daily share of attention. Attention makes you feel good about yourself, it makes you feel special and unique. Now…

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Why Is Change So Hard?

When you are after an achievement People say, in order to turn an activity into a habit – you have to repeat it every day in the course of 21 days (some say 90). If this time has not passed – it is very probable for you to return to your old ways. Let’s say you want to change your…

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Why Can’t I Control My Imagination? It’s Like I’d Just Start Imagining Something Bad out Of Nowhere with Barely Any Control to Stop It?

Do you ask yourself often “how can I control my imagination.” Yeah, writers often fear that. Imagination is tricky in its omnipotence. It can lead you everywhere. Sometimes, it could scare you. Like when you are reading a book with a lot of suspense and you imagine bad ending. But you can learn to control it and master it to…

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How Do You Know Someone Is Your Soul Mate?

I am quite certain that being a soulmate is a privilege you are free to bestow on almost any human being, with whom you happen to have a deep spiritual connection. I am of the opinion that the similar attracts the similar. When you are attracted to somebody on many levels, attracted with the core of your soul – you…

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What Is The Smallest Kind Of Heartbreak?

When you walk at a fast pace and you pass by a disabled person. When you are single and hang out with your friend and her boyfriend and they are kissing the entire time. When you haven’t caught the bouquet at a wedding. When someone depends entirely on your service. When you have to dig in the street trash to…

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love letter

What Are Some Tips To Write A Good Love Letter?

No love letter is good enough. No letter can do justice to your love. Love’s just a condition in human life, where the words are incapable. If someone knows how – those are the poets of the world, who have tried to express their love suffering through words…I would advise you to steal from the Greats: The Good Book –…

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naming of cats

The Most Beloved Poem About Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter, It isn’t just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES. First of all, there’s the name that the family use daily, Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo or James, Such as Victor or…

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girl buys chocolate

What Is The Meaning If A Girl Buys Chocolate For A Boy?

The meaning of a chocolate! Well, one of the guys in my life called it “an exchange unit of love.” Often, instead of saying everything that matters, I’d give him chocolate. The three words I long to hear are “chocolate isn’t fattening…” Chocolate has got the tastiest scent in the world. Chocolate bars have wonderful inscriptions on their shiny wrapping…

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best feelings

What Are Some Of The Best Feelings In Life?

There is a myriad of best feelings in life. I like touching flowers, entering a church, trying different perfumes. It’s lovely when you learn to knit, or make pots, when you listen to the rain outside, curled in bed with a good book. I love it when my hair is caressed, when I make a man put on my lipstick…

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still single

Why Are You Still Single?

My fans always ask me how do I manage to stay single. It’s not that hard, forgive me the prosaic smile… It requires a great attitude to myself, to feel happy and realized without an amorous relationship. Once upon a time, a saint said to me: There are thousands of ways of loving, and you have discovered one or two,…

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Coffee And Tea – Chapter Eleven – Incredible India

“Would you like to visit India, Isabel? Incredible India!” “Yes. But I shall not. I am afraid of huge spiders, wild snakes and scorpions.” “Yes, you have to have an adventurous spirit! You may fall off a camel, or get lost in a jungle. Well, that’s the cost of India’s dramatic, breathtaking nature. The people of India reveres its mountains.…

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How To Heal The Plague of Neglect

The worst thing one can do to human beings is ignoring them. The worst death is from the slow agony of neglect. Here is some advice on how to survive neglect. What is neglect? Neglect is defined as paying no attention, or too little attention, and disregarding a person or a cause. It’s bordering with disdain, rejecting, or failing the…

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The Attitude of A Mature Woman

In their adolescence, girls who genuinely like you act as if you do not exist. Most of them never develop from this stage. So, we may speak of the attitude of mature women, vs. the attitude of immature women in a relationship, and in the act of courtship. We recognize the following trends: The immature woman apologizes, the mature woman…

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he likes you

How To Conclude He Likes You?

Men are tricky. Most of them will never admit that they are enamored. Is it cheesy and below their dignity, we do not know. But even if they do not do anything conscious to admit their love, there are still some reactions that testify the man is in trouble with you and is about to act unreasonably. You wonder if…

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Good Reasons for Drama

Lady F is not a drama queen, but she also recognizes several occasions when the female drama is relevant and even “advisory”- in the sense of recommended. So girls fill buckets with tears if and when: Benefits are gone You have met and practically ever since, sincere and ardent desires are flowing between you, combined with soulful, and honest friendship,…

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Sexiest Features of Men

This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure Fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!   Manners Even peacocks are educated how to do it. They attract the females with an open trembling tail with thousands of eyes. The men I am captivated by open doors…

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gentleman with the roses

The Gentleman With The Roses

Once upon a time in Paris lived a bewitching lady. She used to sit naked next to the window pane and have her hot coffee and a croissant while watching pedestrians walking under her house window. One day a small, pearl-white dove perched right next to her carrying a small note tied to its leg. Slowly, she opened the note…

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first love

First Love

Do you remember your first love? Mine is a wonderful story about a little boy and a little girl, who once met at a winter resort. I was four and he was seven. At the time of our first encounter, he was playing chess with his mother on a small table in the hotel lobby, where I happened to be…

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why love

Why Love Hasn’t Come To Me?

There was this wonderful pop song, which stated: “You can’t hurry Love, You just have to wait…” Really. So true. Madonna put it that way: “Until I learned to love myself, I was never, ever loved by anybody else…” Do you sometimes wonder why each little bird has a someone? It seems like love passes by most of us, and…

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The Avengers

Why Action Movies Suck?

I just watched the Avengers, starring Tom Hiddleston. I feel burdened. Needless to say, I watched it to treat myself more of Loki of Asgard. This time I was fairly disappointed. I hate the guy. Loki from Thor Ragnarock is an accomplished character, while in Avengers he is only a flat character, without dimensions. In other words, he is an…

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Philosophy of Travel

Istanbul – Real I went to Istanbul with great expectations for a rich journey. I anticipated delving deep into a diverse culture, a wild experience that would almost enlighten me. I came back invigorated and happy, it was a wonderful trip, but I still think it could have been better. Asia has always been alluring to me, to switch between…

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Visiting Istanbul

The City With The Many Names History has graced this appealing settlement with many different names – among them Constantinople and Istanbul are the most outstanding. But it has also been called New Rome, Byzantion, Antoniniana, Queen of Cities, Miklagard, Tsarigrad, The Gate of Happiness. Constantinople was named after the Roman Emperor also known as Constantine, the Great. The name…

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Loki vs. Ashton

Shall I compare them to a summer’s day? Both are more lovely and more temperate… Loki is virtuously villainous, which means he can do something mean, and look quite decent, even attractive, even irresistible while it’s happening. Ashton is villainously virtuous, which means at all times his ethic credo dominates your perceptions of the world in a perfectly tyrannical manner…

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A Love Letter To Tom Hiddleston

Dearest Loki,  I know that you are Loki from Asgard and you are “burdened with a glorious purpose…” and this is more than fascinating. You are also blue-eyed, which is synonymous with being irresistible and untrustworthy. And you have managed to rouse my indignation with your villainy, but you are still innocent. You manage to be high and low, grand and…

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How To Tell Her There Is Someone Else?

Whatever tactics you use, it’s Crash! Boom! Bang! news. Check her pulse to find out whether she is still alive after she has received this perverse information. Dying from neglect is epidemic – it causes more misery than terminal illnesses. You are suddenly someone left without a loaf a bread, bullets flying all around your head, doesn’t he love you…

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Great Attitude – Great Day

Today is one of the greatest days of the year – Easter Day – and we greet each other with the traditional in Eastern Orthodox Church “Christ is Risen!” The traditional response to this is “Truly, he is risen!” Today we celebrate the Lord, who came to give his love and light to the world, to illuminate our way. He…

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Faerie Lore

  Familiar to me from all the fairy-tale dreams, here is a short account of what I believe the faerie and elven sacred forest folks stand for, their culture, their incredible lives. I believe intuition is the best way to familiarize yourself with the faerie world, which according to me exists beyond our dreams and tales. The origin of the…

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Cuddling After Sex

Your lover excels every other man if he knows how to hug. Cuddling is an art. It’s sharing the warmth of your body and heart. You have to be pressed tenderly and tightly by your lover, he must breathe in your ear and speak eloquently, your breath needs to coincide with his and both of you should be amorously exalted.…

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dating sites

The Dating Sites Experience

To say that dating sites are boring will be an understatement. The trouble is, that behind those screen names, there are genuine people, with real souls who are extremely bored. Each one is screaming for the greatest generosity: attention. The procrastinators of the world gather in the dating sites to exchange energy, but there, they are usually subject to bitter…

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water in sensuality

The Power of Water in Sensuality

Water has got its own intelligence, which makes it dramatically sensuous. When my Beloved takes a shower, I usually tell him I want to be the hot air in the bathroom and the water, which flows on his divine body. I would like to be as gentle, as pure as the flowing liquid, and explore his every cell. I want…

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Coffee and Tea – Chapter Ten – Lingerie

“It will be a pity, in fact, a disaster Isabel, if you leave Paris before you have tried shopping for lingerie. I will actually be very happy to assist. Let’s stroll around the shops until I tell you what I know about lingerie.” “It’s very hard to find something fancy for my curvy figure…” – Isabel complained. “This is Paris,…

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bullet journal

My Perfect Life As A Writer

I am so close to making this a reality. You know people say that the way is actually the goal. This is how I imagine my perfect life as a writer in the ordinary days when I don’t hang out with friends or have additional tasks. It’s just an ordinary weekday. I wake up at 8:00, and I drink warm…

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Past Lives

Is there Life after death? Are there past lives? The five world’s major religions give different answers to this question. We immediately associate reincarnation with the Hindu spiritual traditions…They tell us about the impending circle of birth, death, and rebirth called “Samsara.” But the beliefs in past lives are also a significant part of the cultures of the Ancient Greeks,…

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How To Deal With Toxic Colleagues

In terms of personal hygiene or moodiness – there is always this pest in the office who ruins it for all of us. He queues behind you in the canteen and presses his form to you from behind while you are ordering. He draws a portrait of you and claims you are his soul-mate, and that wouldn’t be such a…

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should I text

Should I Text Him?

Sigh. Yes! But what if he rejects me? Probably it is a bad idea? Then keep it to yourself! Sigh. Sighs, kisses, and smiles – you are in love with the man. Do you think it is improper? It’s the most scandalous thing in the world – being in love! Yes, verily, I have heard the question “should I text…

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sleeping beauty

The Sleeping Beauty Told By Lady F

Once upon a time, in an unprecedentedly hot summer, with the rising sun, a Queen gave birth to a girl. She was born with her Sun in conjunction with her Ascendant, and this was a promise of a great destiny. Do you believe that fate is preordained? While she was sleeping the Queen Mother had a dream. The three Fates…

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public displays of affection

Public Displays Of Affection

Today we shall talk about public displays of affection. Should affection always be demonstrated behind heavy draperies? Or should we unleash our instincts and claim the woman who belongs to us in front of everyone? Public displays of affection are a total turn on for everyone. However, your attitude to doing this in public depends on how comfortable you are…

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flirt at the office

Flirt At the Office – Yes or No?

Well, should married, or enamored people never work together? Should you ignore your feelings at work, or simply be free to express yourself? Let’s flirt! Flirt boosts creativity. I am one hundred percent for flirt at the office – and for that matter anywhere else. Flirt feels good to the soul. It revives the atmosphere. It keeps you blushing, fresh,…

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Cinderella Told By Lady F

It’s the fairest story ever told. It inspired even the genial Walt Disney. The incredibly romantic tale of Cinderella has influenced a lot of artists and filmmakers. Old as time and young forever, Cinderella has inspired me to try some storytelling on my audience. Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who dreamt that one day she would…

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On Being Needy

A woman in a relationship often exhibits certain neediness. It all comes from feeling a little insufficient and inadequate to herself. You are not advised to approach your Beloved with fear. First, it must be crystal clear to you what an irresistible being you are. In order to fully give in to a relationship, without being too demanding, or too…

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The Story of How Grandma Got Married to Grandpa

It started in the times when life was hard and beautiful, and people, who had personal power and beauty thrived in society. Working was a virtue, laziness was debauchery, people had big families, they lived simple and beautiful lives close to animals and fields, the villages prospered, and so did love stories. My Grandma is a Leo, and she is…

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The Men I Have No Chance With

Michael Jackson On a regular basis, police officers had to drag the bodies of young women, who fainted from ecstasy during his concerts. He managed to excite and exhilarate the crowds, he made them cry, he connected them with his commanding passion. A great soul, and my first love, Michael Jackson will live forever in my heart. Flying on his…

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COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Nine – The Mystery of Mona Lisa

“What one quality makes you an artist, Isabel?” “Concentration. Concentration is love, Ashton. There is a special way to hold a pencil, a brush, there is a special mood, a meditative and intense passion, when you draw and paint you feel more alive.” Leonardo da Vinci once said: “In painting, I can do everything possible.” But his abilities transcended painting:…

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common sense

Lady F I Am Lost Between Feelings and Common Sense

Dearest Lady F, I really need someone to show me the path. I lost myself between feelings and common sense. I had this very bad habit to leave when things don’t suit me: something at work bothers me, I quit; a man doesn’t please me completely, I leave him… And now I’m in a situation I just want to leave…

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COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Seven – Shakespeare

“Good Morning, dearest Isabel! This is Parc des Buttes-Chaumont – it’s a magical spot definitely worthy of a stroll. What are we going to discuss today?” “Shakespeare” “Literary discussions, dear, are tricky. I think it was Oscar Wilde who once put it that way: “To analyze a work of literature is like eating a delicious and juicy apple, and suddenly…

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25 Holy Orders For Losing Weight

I came upon this very comprehensive list on weight loss – never have I seen more simple and detailed advice for people who are fighting to lose weight. It is a miraculous revelation to me – such little, easy, habitual things to do on your path to holistic health. Here they are: Cut down on salt. In case you take…

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alternative health

COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Six – Alternative Health

“So, you never drink Ashton. That is a healthy choice.” “Living healthy is something I am very well acquainted with – still I adore fast food. Let me take you for a pizza. Among the best informal places in the city is Nick’s Pizza. It works late hours. What are we going to discuss there?” “Alternative Health.” “All herbalists, Isabel,…

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COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Five – Alcoholic Drinks

“Alcoholic drinks, seriously? Amazing! Shall I show you the way to the next whiskey bar, Isabel?” “Tell me what one needs to know to claim he is a beer lover or a wine connoisseur.  I am the absolute amateur drinker. Enlighten me, Ashton!” “Most people do not know how to drink, Isabel. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, their qualities…

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ancient history

COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Two – Ancient History

“Why are you interested in Ancient History?” “The past is appealing” she stated much in the tone of “I love everything French,” and Ashton raised an eyebrow. “We keep digging to learn about our ancestors and their super clever ways of living without the perks of contemporary civilization. They made artifacts and created monuments and built wonders of the world…

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chapter one

COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter One – Introduction

After a cup of tea or coffee the stomach says to the brain, “Now rise, and show your strength. Be eloquent, and deep, and tender; see, with a clear eye, into Nature, and into life: spread your white wings of quivering thought, and soar, a god-like spirit, over the whirling world beneath you, up through long lanes of flaming stars…

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When Do You Think You Are In Paradise

When love is burning They say paradise is not a place. It is a feeling. I am quite positive it is the feeling of being in love. You are sunk deep in extreme happiness that goes beyond what you are able to explain or bear. You feel blissful and alive and for a good reason. There is this divine being…

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Dying From Jealousy

Lady F, I am dying from jealousy, what should I do? When your crush innocently tosses in the conversation that he has “met someone,” isn’t that very cool? The first thing you feel like doing is getting drunk, getting into a fight and paying for sex. Forget about the inner eruption, forget about the tears. He might be teasing you.…

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the perfect date

22 Ideas for the Perfect Date

Cuddling in bed, pizza and a Disney marathon. It’s cold outside, both of you are wearing long, knitted socks and your bodies are intertwined and warm under the covers. On a huge TV screen, the genius of Disney puts you in a spectacular romantic mood. You get to feed him pizza mouth to mouth. “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no…

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What Do I Most Admire In People

  “What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals.” Hamlet, William Shakespeare Virtues Think of virtues as humanistic super-powers. They are also spiritual…

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tai lopez

Lady F and Tai Lopez Discussing How Does Life Work

I received a letter from Mr. Tai Lopez today, and I find it is the perfect subject to start a discussion. Mr. Lopez is worried about the state of the world. I allowed myself to abbreviate part of his letter, focusing on a different part of it. So, let’s discuss how does life work. TAI LOPEZ We live in this world…

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imagination and

Lady F & Dr. Mariana Discussing Imagination and Hallucinations

Hello Lady F, These days I came across a topic on imagination and its types. It turned out there were three categories of imagination – creative, fantastical and episodic. Creative imagination was the hardest one – like composing an opera or discovering a scientific breakthrough. It’s the least possible to be acquired by most people since this is almost genius’s…

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slightly inadequate

Slightly Inadequate

  Slightly Inadequate was a story born as a role-play. At a certain point of the story, I noticed that all the characters are “slightly inadequate” hence the name of the story. It starts in the beautiful city of Venice, with an aristocrat fond of magic of the name of Ian.   Born to an influential and affluent Venetian family,…

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blue blood

Blue Blood

The expression “blue blood” comes from the Spanish “sangre azul,” which shows nobility and noble lineage. This is one of the most cherished phrases used for centuries in Western Europe. Have you ever thought about the origin of this seemingly conflicting combination of words? Very literally, the blood of aristocrats had a blue tint. The reason for this was the…

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Bullet Journal

  The most important reason you need a journal is that it adds organization in your life. Doodle. Make it pretty. Make it yours. The word “doodle” first appeared in the early 17th century and it meant “a simpleton, fool.” It was sung in the famous song “Yankee Doodle.” Yankee Doodle went to town A-riding on a pony He stuck…

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Romance in December

Make it a December to remember! Second only to St Valentine’s the Christmas holiday is the most romantic time of the year. It’s time for special treats and loving gestures, time to think of your important other and do things that matter to your relationship. Here are just a few ideas: How to drive him wild? Give him a T-Shirt…

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christmas colored by merry people

Christmas Colored By Merry People

Now on Amazon: Christmas Colored By Merry People It’s a coloring book for adults,  created with an appealing naivety. I created this book to be the perfect Christmas present, and I created it in the Spirit of Joy and Love. My first job after I finished it was to color it and it was such delight – as if colors…

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Basics of Color Therapy

What is color therapy? “Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.” ― Kahlil Gibran Why do we all love the rainbow? Why are our lives so filled with color? If you only think about a color, you will see how its vibration immediately changes your disposition. Color therapy exists.…

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Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

Do you believe in elves and fairies? Something good in everything you see? This Christmas you can perform random acts of kindness like Santa’s little helpers. Dedicate yourself to the happiness of your loved ones and celebrate an unforgettable Christmas. Take a walk in December The cold pinches your nose and your rosy cheeks. The wind carries you; the snow…

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A Few Thoughts On Success

Success, in case you have never heard of it, is considered most necessary for one’s inner well-being. Personally, I believe in failure. According to Maya Angelou: So what is a success? Is it love, family, pride, joy or money – in this order? To different people, success means different things, depending on their priorities. Usually, in our lives, we have…

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what women do men like

What Women Do Men Like

Men like women. In all qualities and quantities, men like women. Tall or small, they like them, rich and poor they like them. For every train there are passengers. For instance one of my friends used to be in love with this weird, plumpy girl, because she had those irrelevant, huge cheeks, which were practically hanging from her face like…

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the knight

The Witch and the Knight – Part Three

Did the Knight dare think after he froze like a snowman? Did he dare think? At the banana sight of her new outlook he tripped from surprise and fell on his nose again. When he resumed his composure, the Knight cleared his throat and estimated Mary’s frankly sparse clothing. “Unorthodox, but alluring,” He said, straightening the collar of his tunic.…

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anton the knight

The Witch and the Knight – Part Two

“Goodness…” – Anton the Knight said. Psychosis? Delusions? The Princess and a broken heart? Anton said nothing, but a thousand and one thoughts raced through his head. The witch had caused him more stress, than any woman he had encountered yet on Alpha Gem. He gestured to the crystal ball, opened his mouth to say something but could not find…

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mary hook

The Witch and the Knight – Part One

“So mote it be” – Mary Hook whispered, as she was dipping the quill into black ink to draw a seal upon the rose colored parchment. Then she sipped from her hot chai, pleased. Her eyes, a bright shade of green, as if exposed to light and her reddish hair sparkled in the glow by the warm fire, the stars,…

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How To Get Slimmer

How To Get Slimmer

Do you wonder how to get slimmer? You need a Smart and Balanced Diet You have definitely heard the sentence: “You are what you eat.” We feed in order to support our bodies, and they are such complicated systems because the food is not only fuel, it is also information. Your body needs energy and matter. It is fueled by a…

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blind date

A Blind Date

On a blind date one of two possible scenarios can take effect. Both individuals like each other, they go for it, and wake up heavenly in love. Both individuals hate each other and part without achieving satisfaction of any kind. Let us call the two scenarios The Way of Harmony and The Way of Disharmony, like the Tea Ceremony is…

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attention to details

Attention To Details

Who pays attention to details? Artists and writers do. Creators do. Everyone should pay attention to details. Why? For the ardent love of prettiness… Sugar, spice and everything nice… Details make everything posher Details require your attention, and they deserve it because most of them get us better results. You perform better in any job that can be done, if…

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fairy tale cake

Alpha Gem’s A Fairy Tale Cake

A lavish fairy tale cake with golden ornaments, an experiment with white and red roses, all symbolical for love and marriage. It looks like a Faberge egg, especially with the beautiful golden top and the ribbon adorning the cake like a charm. One would feel pity if they have to cut this cake. Incredibly stylish fairy tale cake, it looks…

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Alpha Gem and Money

Money makes the world go round…that clinking, clanking sound; it makes the world go round… An Alpha Gem character once shared his attitude to spending – for our convenience let us call him Ashley. Ashley has got a pair of glasses, which are pure and transparent when he is outside, but gleam in soft lavender color when he is inside.…

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shabby chic kitchen

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Everything is in the details. This shabby chic kitchen has got beautiful fonts on the boxes for pets food and fresh eggs and numbered cups with the utensils inside them. On the plates it is beautifully inscribed: dessert. It is a variation of white, so every other color is a powerful accent. All the belongings are artistic and carefully chosen…

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kids room

Kids Room

“For I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me.” Winnie, The Pooh Shades of gray, milk and cacao, a slightly beige, very simplistic rug, and adorned with a broom, this kids room breathes easily. On the wooden coat-hook are hanging clothes in the same nuances, made obviously for fairy-tale characters, of the sort that lives…

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Alpha Gem

Alpha Gem Culture

Year 222 of the Age of Aquarius, Alpha Gem In the Milky Way, in the constellation of Gemini, there lies a small planet, where human tales, dreams and reveries complain of their fate. It is called Alpha Gem and it is linked to the Earth and other planets with magical portals, which are protected by inexorable, still bribable guards. It…

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These are the colors most of us want to come home to. A whole rainbow of whites. Off-whites, creamier and cozier than ever and a whole new world of neutrals that turn up the volume with just a hint of color – beautiful, interesting, yet easy to live with. If you ever tried to pick a white paint, you know…

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feng shui Chi1

Chi Energy

Still need clarification? Qi is the “stuff” of and behind it all. It’s the stuff that breathes life into plants, animals, the mountains, oceans, and us. It’s the stuff of dreams, intuition, fate, and luck. It’s the stuff at the core of nonliving matter such as airplanes, buildings, and the chair on which you sit. It’s the stuff acupuncturists stimulate with…

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minor cures

Making Minor Adjustments to Bring About Major Changes

Minor cures involve adding one of the several kinds of natural chi, to adjust the energy of a place. They are simple, practical and effective. They use the energy of the light, sound, spirit, water, color, movement, weight, bamboo, power, fragrance, touch. Light Minor Cures Light can easily add brightness and cheer to an area. The rule is: the brighter…

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Feng Shui – Cures

Simply put, Feng Shui cures are ways of changing your life by altering your space. Performing cures changes the flow of energy in your home, shifting the Chi in your surrounding and yourself – to a beneficial and balanced energy state. There are five different types of cures you can implement. How To Use The Three Phases Of Your Cures…

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Discovering the Magic of the Octagon

The Octagon is an instrumental element of Feng Shui Analysis. It enables you to find out how the parts of your home influence the corresponding parts of your life. It is an energetic map, which applies the wisdom of the I-Ching (an ancient book of Chinese knowledge). The Octagon divides the floor plan in nine parts. Each of these parts…

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ancient Chinese cosmology

The Ancient Chinese Cosmology

There exist four celestial deities, which according to the Chinese, who worship them, transformed into terrestrial landforms, which offer protection and security. The Crimson Bird, The Azure Dragon, The White Tiger, The Black Turtle – the four defending spirits. All ancient societies worshipped the heavens, envisioning their Gods, guardians and clan ancestors as the configuration of celestial bodies. For the…

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color theory

Color Theory

The greatest challenge in color design is to be able to predict and control the results of a color scheme. Color can perform various roles and affects a person’s emotions, energy level and sense of order or disorder. It can also set the tone of an interior and make it formal or informal, masculine or feminine, aloof or invitingly warm.…

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principles of feng shui

Principles Of Feng Shui

Learning About The Principles of Feng Shui Traditional Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice –  a practice of balancing heavenly and mundane energies as well as the study of time and space. When you achieve balance in your surroundings, you win the drive to succeed in any aspect of your life. The major tool you will need is a compass,…

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fictional characters

Fictional Characters And Their Reality

They are pleasing to our senses, they inspire us, influence us, and they do not even exist. Fictional characters are imaginary people who mean a lot to us. They are sometimes more appealing to us than our own family. We react to them as if they are real; they instantly evoke an image in our heads. These people are the…

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Behavior That’s Getting You What You Want

Believe in yourself Not that you are the best, not necessarily, but believe you are truly blessed to have and to hold what’s in your life. Your life can be pure perfection when viewed on the inside, and that’s the disposition you need to manifest anything you hope for. Inner balance is needed for renewal and tapping in the positive…

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The Tale Of Angelic

The first thing you noticed on her face wasn’t the lace carnival mask – no – it was her scarlet lipstick. They call it Parisian red, and it colored gaudily her slightly pouted lips. With her meditative dark blue look, she caught a glimpse of a well-built, charmingly-smiling, black-haired man, who was leaning on the wall in the corner of…

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No, thank you, that won’t work! It’s scary! It’s unnecessary! What if I don’t remember anything? What if I get stuck in trance? I look down on hypnosis. I just underwent my first session of hypnosis in my life, and I think quite differently now. It is safe, simple and wonderful. I can do it. You can do it. Hypnosis…

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A Routine Which Works For Me

If you want to achieve something meaningful in your life you have to invest a lot of time and efforts. A great novel, a stunning design, a revolutionary company – it all takes time, thought, craft and persistence. Put a stress on creative work. A writer is supposed to start his day with several hours of writing. Notice when you…

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low self esteem

Fighting Low Self-Esteem

I believe in you!    Within you is the power which will astonish you. Within you are the seeds of greatness, of beauty, of discipline, of excellence, of destiny. This is the last moment of the way you used to be. It is time to give yourself permission to reach the absolutely highest possible state of health. – David Wolfe,…

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self esteem

On Self-Esteem

If you are tall or small – I like you! If you are fat or thin – I like you! If you are rich or poor – I like you! I like you! I like you! Self-esteem is a basic human need. It’s what wonderfully motivates us. It’s crucial for how we see the world. What actually is self-esteem? The…

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Names Of Endearment In Songs

BABY But baby, it’s cold outside! Bang, bang – my Baby shot me down. Baby Jane – don’t leave me hanging on the line. Baby, can I hold you tonight? Ooh, Baby, I love your way! Bye, bye baby Cry Baby Baby, Don’t Go Baby Come Back Happy, happy birthday, Baby Abie, baby Hey, Baby Baby Love Baby, Baby Baby,…

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honey wine

Honey, Honey, How You Thrill Me

Honey is one of the preferred terms of endearment since the mid-14th Century. The word honey comes from “oneg” – the Hebrew for “delight.”It is not surprising that this marvelous food can heal you, uplift you and rejuvenate your body. Applying it in various meals and home-made medicines will help you stay healthy for good. Bees have been around for…

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But What If You Have A Really Nice Pair Of Shoes?

Shoes Fashion and ladies. It’s the eternal love story. “I’m keeping quite the collection – take nothing less than perfection! Cowboy boots – cowboy boys!…” Your attire is inevitably a part of your confidence as a woman. Confidence is omnipotent. The building of confidence is not an esoteric or mystical experience. Your appeal and your appearance are related.  It is…

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How to Act Like You don’t Care?

Sometimes we fall for people, who seemingly do not care. Sometimes you’ve had enough and you want to return the favor – of neglect. You want to thank – for all the joy and pain, and you want to keep your heart beating, regardless of the humiliation. In such cases, it is favorable for you, if you can pretend that…

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real experience

Are These Writings Based on Real Experience?

Yes, they are and no, they are not. A writer naturally uses his real experience as well as his prolific imagination. I could claim that my characters are partially based on people I know, who inspire me. But why LoveBooklet is the Lady’s Emotional Encyclopedia? I use my mental faculties to speak from my entire, personal experience in answering the…

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trader of dreams

A Trader of Dreams II

Venus felt as if she had just tasted a sour apple. Her happy face immediately lost its glow, and she began to look almost ordinary. A trader of dreams didn’t wish her! She was a Goddess of Love she wanted everyone who saw her to desire her. Men immediately fell for her golden curls, but in the face of beautiful…

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a trader of dreams

A Trader Of Dreams

A Trader Of Dreams The ship was heading to the portal as fast as the wind…Just ahead of it there were the two columns of ocean water, standing in an improbable way, glittering in the sunlight. Seagulls were circling around them with maddening screams of delight. Like an oasis in the midst of the horizon, the portal of the Bright…

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If There Be Sorrow

“If There Be Sorrow Let it be For things Undone Undreamed Unrealized Unattained To these add one: Love withheld Restrained” For is there something more beautiful, more compelling than the devoted heart? Sometimes, when you are so overwhelmed with someone, you dare speak not your cravings, but still, he rules your every awaken moment. It is like you are placed…

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How to Be Productive and Overcome Procrastination?

Ninety-five per cent of college students find it hard to overcome procrastination and they are not the only ones suffering from this great anti-action. We put off stuff on a daily basis, not keeping in mind that our lives are not eternal and we don’t have so many weeks ahead of us, to complete this amazing project, which will give…

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The Basics of Psychology

What do we know about Psychology, referred to ironically, by William James as that “nasty little subject?” It is, actually, a subject of great variety and complexity, and subtlety Psychology is most often defined as the science of behavior, or the human mind…Psychology is a tool for understanding people. People are fascinating and that includes you. They keep wondering and…

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is depression

What Exactly is Depression

People on Earth suffer for various reasons – they become afflicted because they lose their important ones, their partners, or parents or siblings, and sometimes this grief is overwhelming. You may experience unrequited love, or fail at an important exam, or you cannot get the job that suits you for various reasons – all these things make you feel sad.…

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