For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Eight – After Sunrise

Lily and August were stretching like cats on the canopy bed, in the morning, after sunrise and a divine night together – unbelievable – even Louis the Magnifique was not entitled to such unearthly pleasures. After they took each other’s fire, their hearts were filled with peace and absolute bliss, and a bit of humor. Lily was leaning on his shoulder, speaking softly in an exalted voice and her hand was tenderly caressing and teasing his naked body. She loved the sensation of touching him and stroking him with her fingers here and there, she took fair delight in his naked form.

“Even the Gods can envy us!” – she said in acclamation of what had happened. August laughed because he thought that was a folly and enamored compliment.

“Yes, you are a magnificent lover!” – he didn’t remain obliged to her. “Our night together was full of feats I will treasure.”- he added, still sank in her aura, recalling the happy hours of their coupling. “In such times I  feel like a true deity.”

August was smiling and looking at the ornamented ceiling and because of his current disposition of character – it felt like looking at a bright blue summer sky. From time to time, he pulled Lily’s head gently towards him and kissed her forehead, then her lips, and his three-day beard was kind of scratching her face

“Though it was your first time, I have to say, Lily, you were quite… insatiable. You somehow didn’t manage to get tired of culminating.”

“I could spend eternity like this!” said Lily who had discovered that her sensual cravings were to her more natural than the demand for food or drink. Her breasts were raised from her even breath her eyes were shining – a woman looks her best when she’s been made love to. This woman, however, was not yet satisfied. “I can’t stand it anymore!” – she whispered and rolled over his body. That was a sign for August, that their love game needed to be resumed. He pulled her upwards, thus they were so close, that when she spoke, the words fell directly into his mouth interrupted by sweet kisses. Her voice, the touch of the tips of her hair, her sensual form resting upon his, the amorous indulgence – yes, he was ready for another dance. Not only their bodies, but their souls felt intertwined. His movements inside her were happy, funny and delirious, he was gentle and slow, and the act seemed to completely transform Lily – she looked as if she had a halo around her head. “I can’t stand it anymore” – she repeated in heat – and the slow intensive motions turned into fast, rhythmical movements, and that was it! He stopped for several seconds to let her fully enjoy her climax. Then he gave her one hard push more – and she cried “Goodness!” and he said teasingly “Come again?” – and yes, she was ready for another dance.

“Come here, Lily!” he said and rolled over her. She loved the way his weight pressed her body to the mattress, tightly and tenderly. She quite enjoyed the way his three-day beard scratched her face, her lips, her neck and everything on its way. She was melting. It was heaven. Body to body, soul to soul, the adventurous passion connected them in a fathomless pleasure. All the moments, when she wasn’t able to stand it anymore were passing before her very eyes.

With penetration, she emitted a joyful cry. He loved the way she sounded – hysterically enamored. Indescribable, implausible harmony connected their essences. With the change of rhythm, she felt thousands of sensations – from calm, amorous reception, to frantic pleasure. She felt that lovemaking was the frankest and most betraying kind of conversation; she felt he elevated her with his incredible vibe for her. She dared to repeat his name among the sighs. With the movements, their desire surprisingly did not subside – it got enhanced. Lily was exploring lovemaking for the first time, but it felt like she was in her element. She belonged to August in the most exciting and sacred of ways. Emotions erupted and passion tormented both of them. It felt like this unbearable dance will last forever.

Sex was divine and sublime, and dirty, and fun. They both laughed really hard at their own reactions to proximity. This most natural act satisfied them both physically but left their souls insatiably craving for each other. Hours and hours of awkward, funny, delicious, crazy, improbable movements – they were drunk from each other’s very existence – it was both conquest and a defeat, splendor and nudity, most natural act of artistic performance…hard to do and hard to stop doing. He loved the way she sounded and he tried to imitate her and they both laughed. “You are mine!” she said in triumph, “You are mine!” he repeated vengefully. Then he sealed her lips with a kiss and the world stopped turning.

“Come again, Lily!” – he bid me while he was smooching at my lips. My hair was wet with perspiration, my breathing was really labored, my heart was beating really fast, I was a love mess, I was his, in his embrace. He was giving me both earthly and unearthly pleasures. Adoration overwhelmed me, he gave me what I needed, yet he took everything from me. Every climax seemed glorious enough to be final, but in reality, our lovemaking was never-ending. Words cannot describe what I felt in his arms, maybe music can, maybe the language of sighs and kisses, but words fail to express me. I loved him so well. Every square centimeter of my body was ravished from touch – and I knew for the first time that was my basic need. I couldn’t fathom how desire made me so faint and yet so powerful, to extract all kinds of reactions from his body. In these hours of getting to know each other physically, spiritually and psychically we had captured eternity.

Everyone who can explain why my honor was considered compromised and stained by an act of such ecstasy you may speak now or stay silent forever…

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