For The Honor Of The Lady – Chapter Seven – Where She Belonged

Lily was brought in August’s cabinet by the amicable butler, who was smiling discreetly under his well-groomed mustache. It had been a while since a dazzling woman had visited his master, and this one seemed more dazzling than all of them. Her bright red dress revealed her shoulders and her sensual female curves – a remarkable view. August’s warm eyes reveled in her beauty – he generally loved women’s efforts to make themselves attractive and Lily had really tried.

She walked in looking around in the dim light, absorbing the atmosphere with her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Your place, August, makes the palace of the King appear a bit tasteless in its lavishness.”

August laughed hard because that was some precarious compliment!

“Yes!”  – she continued. –  Your cabinet is very cozy and artsy.” – and she smiled because she loved this balance between affluence and simplicity. “I like it. There is nothing excessively luxurious in it, but this marvelous art collection along with the dignified portraits on the walls.”

“Those are the pictures of my ancestors.” – he sighed focused on her delightful lips as she spoke. He couldn’t take his eyes off her – his gaze was hardly able to choose between the lush neckline and the flaming eyes.

“And the portraits of your ancestors look as if they approve of everything that happens here!”

“Well, nothing fancy. This is where I have my afternoon tea, write in my journal, write letters, some of which I never send, look after golden decorative fish, practice calligraphy, enjoy syrups and philosophical conversations! If you do not mind, we can even conduct our lessons in etiquette here.”

Handmade candles decorated the room and firebugs sparkled through the open windows in the silent summer night. One of the things that attracted Lily’s eyes in the intimate light was a decorated cake on the table with the names of Lily and August. She was used to splendor on the table, but that was simply so gallant of him! Light dinner was served – consisting of tomato soup, an arugula salad with olive oil, lemon, and parmesan, served with hot cheddar potato casserole.

“I am a vegetarian Lily, a cheese lover, and for me, the modest potato is the canvas for plenty of meals. My chef is a master of herb lore – he knows about the refreshing virtues of spices and he really knows how to brew – his maple syrup is a high-class treat.”

“Give my compliments to your chef. I am happy that you don’t drink liquor at all, I want to be completely sober in this first night when I will enjoy your passion.”

August’s eyes started sparkling in the gloaming.

“Your eyes are sparkling in the darkness!” – She gave vent to her thoughts.

He smiled and nodded. He was already used to her exuberant frankness.

“You want me to tell you a spooky story?”

“No! I dislike being horrified. I am also very happy that you don’t have hunting trophies on the wall, such as heads of poor animals.”

“I am happy too, Lily. My eyes have been full of your shape for what seems like an eternity. But…”– he almost whispered. – “most of that time my hands have been empty.”

Lily laughed pleasantly and sipped from her maple syrup giving him the eye.

“So, you want me to roll in ecstasy, in your firm grip?’

“It takes all my courtesy not to claim you as you speak.” – he couldn’t believe he just said that. So he added fast: “But lovers should be able to attend to a candlelit dinner together. Simply spending time with you means a lot to me.”

She sighed and looked at the table as if she was tormented by the thought that she would have to eat all these fancy meals before crawling into his bed. Never in her entire life had she suffered from a lack of appetite…but now it seemed her sensual cravings were much more compelling than her passion for delicious food.

He rose from his chair and offered her his hand:

“Lily, would you like to dance?”

She approached him like he was a sacred being, her hands met his. Then he hugged her and her head leaned a bit on his shoulder, her eyes closed, while he was kissing his forehead. It was blissful. The proximity of his body, of his soul, blasted her in a heavenly space, they were making out, lovemaking had already begun.

“I need you August!” – she whispered. Then she softly kissed his neck. That sensation caused him to bite and smooch at her neck hard in response. She was alternating sighs and moans of delight. Finally, she was in his hug, and she bent her knees slightly around his knee to feel it. He hugged her and let her head float in the space a bit into his caring hands. Then he grabbed her bottom through the crinoline and started kissing her almost naked breasts and shoulders.

“Lily, I need you to take off these clothes…” he said and he was already helping her get rid of the unfortunate dress, in a hurry, in amorous craving, in total neglect of the dress. Lily was out of breath and trembling in his hands. He took her hand and took her to the nearest bed in the house, they fell on the bed in an insatiable hug and another dance began. Should we pry under their sheets?

Yes, we must! It was her first time so he was careful. It was her first time, so she felt dizzy and faint with desire, her body reacted to every single move as if she was dying from sensual thirst. No wonder French people call the orgasm – the little death. Her body was now a portal to ecstasy only existing in her wildest guesses. He seemed to enjoy her reaction to touching, biting, smooching, and kissing her everywhere, she responded to every single provocation and August was learning how to extract all kinds of sounds from his new instrument. Lily was in his hands, the important thing was that Lily was in his hands where she belonged…

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