For The Honor Of The Lady – Chapter Six – Lily’s Fame

Lily’s fame grew immensely after that incident. She was certain that the royal portraits on the walls had spilled the news in front of all the single senior spinsters in the court. And the court was bubbling like a Jacuzzi. August had become pretty famous as well, but his skills in etiquette, as well as his brilliant sense of humor, got him out of any situation. Moreover, he was a man, who regularly and vigorously fought for his honor and nobody dared to insult Lily in front of him. Yes, unfortunately for all the court ladies, Lily Campbele had been sitting naked in August’s lap, a view worthy for a King to witness, so what?

Lily Campbele walked with her nose high in the air beside all the costly fans, which concealed women’s pursed lips but not the disdain in their eyes. Obviously, the fact that she was enamored and got what she wanted was a communal problem, especially since she didn’t own August Alexander ’s last name. What she didn’t expect was that August would start keeping her at a distance, as well. She did not expect that he will avoid her devoted gaze in the ballroom. He started to dance more and more often with other ladies – scanty headed ladies and obtuse ladies. He seemed to take honest delight in them. Was she but a toy in his arms? The fact that he still sometimes invited her to a dance made her even more and more confused.

Am I but a toy in his arms?

“And he comes…He comes for me…with his hand extended, he helps me deliver myself from my scarf and looks as if he is going to snatch at the rest of my attire, as well, if the Lord allowed this behavior under ballroom etiquette. Then he takes me in the middle of the dance hall and into his arms. There again we are whirling in a dance, and since my hand is a bit cold, like never before, I am gently scratching his neck with the tips of my fingers. He behaves as if, well, if the Lord allowed this, he would scratch the perfect skin of my naked back until he extracts drops of pleasure from my body. And I beg him with my eyes and my hands to do so, thinking, please, it cannot break the etiquette, it will not feel uneasy to me at all…please…and he is laughing in my right ear as if I have been giving vent to my thoughts. I love the boisterous sound of his laughter. And when I am into his arms, I feel heaven. He can’t be toying with me. It just feels so right!”

“Well, maybe the man is simply well-mannered!” – said Ashton, while he was sipping from his morning tea and watching his sister twiddling her thumbs at the small wooden table next to him.

“You know what happened, Ashton? We had just danced; I hadn’t managed to open my eyes yet. He took me gently by the elbow as if we were a sweet elderly couple, and took me back to my place, where some mean spinster had just thrown my new fan on the floor. Fortunately, no one had stepped on the fan yet. He raised the fan from the floor, brushed it a little and said: “Your new fan, Lily! Have a nice evening.” I was perplexed Ashton…did he mean he will not dance with me again the entire evening? Yet he noticed it’s my new fan. He can’t be indifferent to me, can he?”

“No one can be indifferent to you cupcake!”

“That’s something only a great tea-lover would say!”

“What you don’t know Lily, and I feel sorry it is so, but our beloved brother Black has anonymously threatened August with vile death if he doesn’t draw back from you.”

“Is it so? That explains the streak of indifference…”

“No one can be indifferent to you, cupcake, the man is not even frightened by Black, August just wants to sustain your honor.”

“How do you know, Ashton?”

“Well, dear, men gossip as well… Now, tell me about all that scratching?”

“Well, I don’t often scratch…like a cat in heat. Usually, my palms are warm and I place them on his neck, so that I may be able to draw his face towards me, which I never do…well, I sometimes do it…I don’t know how he can even bear me…our attempts at dancing have long ago developed into a nuance of intimacy. And I am quite certain, that you Ashton have heard about how I had to meet the King without my clothes.”

Ashton sipped from the tea and his eyes smiled.

“Poor Lily. I wouldn’t put so much trust in true love if I were you!”

“I was sitting naked on his lap, Ashton, and he made me envision different kinds of lovemaking and promised he will do this to me. He made me really nice compliments.”

“Making compliments is considered good tone, Lily. The man is a master of etiquette.”

“They were sincere compliments, Ashton! Yes, he is the most well-mannered and soft-spoken creature who ever roamed the world.”

“This can get you into amorous trouble, dear. On second thought – only amorous trouble is interesting…Anything that is not amorous is boring.” – Ashton concluded with his last sip, and his sister smiled very pleased by the comment.

“Yes, Ashton, August loves me back with passion as scorching as the Sun in the sunlit hour. And I am going to challenge this passion.”

As usual August was on time for the lesson in etiquette. His shoes were shined and he was enjoying a good cigar when Lily entered the cabinet 15 minutes late. She was wearing…well, possibly her most provocative attire. The white corset was pressing her breasts upwards and shaping them so nicely, that August focused at this detail of her form with the delight of a connoisseur. He kissed her hand and pulled a chair for her.

“Where have you been? You haven’t appeared at the royal balls recently.”

“I was ill. No need to worry, there’s nothing serious.”

“You haven’t been looking for me!”

“I have been quite busy, lately. I am sorry! Out of respect for you, Lily, I have to say we need to…”

“Don’t!” – she interrupted him. “I know the entire court is talking incessantly. Don’t tell me you are going to have to save my honor. I know you’re good!”

“But Lily, it is the truth…”

“I am not some innocent flower, who is being molested and morally ruined by you, so don’t get hysterical about my honor. I understand that you don’t want to take advantage of the fact that I am in love with you. But I want you to take advantage of me. I don’t care what people will say – I couldn’t care less for my reputation or social conduct. I want to be ravished with your desire for me. I know I am not pleasant to you only because of your male instincts. I wish to be yours. So stop pretending you can stand being away from me.”

August rose from his chair dazed and lifted her from her place and into his warm hug, where she belonged. Suddenly, his hands started following her curves, and he placed his cheek next to her and whispered:

“I could easily take you, Lily. – he spoke tenderly, lifting her hair from her ear. “But being ridiculed in the court for your amorous behavior is going to hurt. I cannot marry you. I have spoken to your brother Black and he mentioned something about killing both of us. But there is something I can do for you…and I will. I am going to teach you fencing, so that you may defend your honor. For you are an unusual woman, Lily, your dignity does not depend on your position in society.”

After having said that he kissed her ardently – a smooching, deep and bountiful kiss, slightly tasting of an expensive cigar. Lily almost lost consciousness. “Goodness!” she whispered after his lips parted from hers for a second. “Goodness!” she repeated the second time when he paused for both of them to breathe. “Better than chocolate and éclairs put together” – she admitted and heard the boisterous sound of his laughter, which she adored. Then he paid more attention to her neckline, his lips glided upon her soft, white skin.

“Nothing can stop him now! He will take me…” Lily thought and felt ready to get out of her most provocative attire and part with her innocence.

“No, Lily. Not here. Anybody can interrupt us any time. I would love you to be my guest at Alexander’s Estate. I will order my chef to prepare dinner for us…I want it to be memorable. Now give me one last kiss…” he demanded and she felt his kiss in the strongest and most vulnerable part of her – her heart.

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