For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Five – Delirious

Voices, voices everywhere  – different timbres, different levels of curiosity – voices returned to consciousness and awareness the enamored couple…the music went off, the entire court was chattering and August and Lily were hugging in the midst of the dance floor, perfectly delirious. As he opened his eyes and turned around he saw the whispering crowd, smiled to them and slightly bowed, then he took Lily’s hand and walked out with her. Hundreds of eyes followed him to the door.

Hand in hand August and I walked out of the ballroom and started running in the corridors of the castle, a castle full of nooks and secret places and unapproving portraits on the walls. August took out the heavy golden key of his cabinet, unlocked and we started making out before he had even closed the door. “Are you ready?” – he demanded, “for a really fast dance?” “Yes!” I declared joyfully. “No!” I said as he almost ripped on my clothing items in order to get me out of them. “Well,” he laughed “it is not going to be so fast then. Now, Lily, you may sit on my lap, gaze in my eyes and kiss my lips, for while I am fondling your breasts, I am going to tell you a story, a fairy tale if you please.” “Yes!” I sat on his lap fully naked and relaxed numb as a statue of pink marble, enthralled by his proximity and into his experienced hands.

“Lily, you are in love with me!”  Before I answered affirmatively or negatively he continued:

“Lily, I have dreamt about you before I even met you. But I have never hoped you will be so lovely…” his fingers were gently stroking her shapes following the graceful female curves

“I had reasonably presumed that the woman of my dreams will be at least a little mediocre, I never believed you’d be so brilliant in everything you do. One does not expect from a lady to be so opinionated, lettered and honorable. One would expect from your sex affection, but not boldness, sensuality, but not logic, charm, but not frankness…you are truly the loveliest encounter I have had in my life.”

“Lily, I know what you need!” – he added while his hands were cupping and overflowing with her naked breasts.

“Now tell me, how would you like me to take you for the first time? Don’t get me wrong, Lily, I know what to do to you.” He softly rubbed one of her nipples between his fingers. He behaved as he could dispose of eternity to enjoy her body, and she responded with gentle sounds.

“I will not ignore any part of your adorable form. Yet, you provoke in me rivaling emotions.”

“The first time that we danced, Lily, I could not imagine doing anything to you that is not exalted tenderness. I was helpless, hardly able to move. Your affection melted everything in me. I thought I will sink into you and I will climax. The moment you submitted to me, I would surrender. I thought maybe I should gather in a glass the dew from the flowers in your spring garden, and instead of foreplay, I should drip a few drops between your open legs, and drip a few drops and have them disperse on your hard nipples. I will raise your hands above your head and keep them there during penetration. I will kiss you so much and so softly, your eyes will beam in turquoise passion. Then I will roll beneath you and have you fully relax upon me. I have never before imagined lovemaking so warm and tender, without any drastic movements. Your closeness is enough for me.”

“But that day in the summer alcove, you really set my passion on fire, a passion to die for. It was a magical, a miraculous moment. I started you from the bottom, I drove you crazy for less than a minute. You nearly fainted in my arms. Had I taken you there, our lovemaking would have resembled a happy and amorous fight, no not a fight  – an impassioned dance. I will press you really close to me, and I will respond to your passion. I will scratch your back, and bite your neck and give you sentiments that you are made for. I will bend your body over on this table right here. You will beg me to stop and you will beg me to continue. Our hearts will beat in the same rhythm, Lily, how exactly do you wish me to take you now?”

“Do you want a rough lover or a tender lover? For I can have sex with you for health improvement and satisfy the woman you are, but I can have divine sex with you and please the fairy in you.”

All I could think of was press my body against his body in his virile hug. Then I started talking from the heart and I couldn’t select my words from desire:

“Yes, August I am in love with you! Your name is my first thought in the morning and the last thought in the evening, and every other thought on my mind. You melt everything…I am sure we are blessed by the stars. Sitting on your lap, gazing in your eyes and kissing your lips is high heaven!” I continued with a hushed voice… “it’s enough that you hold me like this, that you press me like this, it’s enough.”

“But I also…I would also like it rough!” – I added. For I couldn’t lie for the life of me.

“I shall have to spank you!”

In this very moment, the door lock clicked, and Louis and his latest mistress pushed themselves inside reeling on the walls. Louis was a little tipsy, but he recognized us.

It was the first time of my life when I had to bow naked!

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