For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Three – The Adventure Begins

For the love of God and all that is holy, August would have invited Lily to a dance right away, even without music, but he was in a very delicate situation, and standing up would reveal his circumstances in a most awkward of manners…So he thought to himself he should keep sitting and smiled uneasily. Blushing like a peony, Lily rose, lifted her cowgirl skirts and headed out of the study room.

I was strolling through the heavily luxurious corridor of the castle in my cowgirl attire and it felt like even the royal portraits on the walls made faces of indignation, while I was passing by. I needed a break, although being broken-hearted does not affect me like it does most people. Walking out in the garden, breathing fresh air, tearful and humiliated, I saw the sky heavy with clouds and thought it was going to cry as well. I ran towards my mansion, but the rain didn’t wait for me, it poured. I was running through the forest, the trees dripping with water, water rolling down my face, I was running soaking wet, when I heard the heavy noises of an approaching steed. August’s black stallion suddenly appeared on the forest path together with its rider.

“It is very rude of you, Miss, to take a French leave.” – he reproached me. “Come, sit in front of me!”

Goodness! I thought that was like giving a candy to a little hungry elf. I shined from wetness, my eyes shined from sudden happiness. With his firm grip, August helped me land on his stallion right in front of him. I felt his warmth and instantly got numb with affection and desire. He hugged me really close from behind, pressing his body next to mine. I felt I could die in this very moment…I felt like I was levitating 5 meters above the ground, I felt love. I  could feel his breath, raising his body against mine, I could feel his breath caressing my neck, we were so close, I leaned my head on his shoulder, wet as wet can be and I opened my eyes wide against the weeping sky. I suddenly felt his short beard scratch my neck, as he planted a soft kiss there…which was beyond anything, I swear!

“You are trembling, Lily. Before anything else we need to shelter you.”

“Please!” I sobbed impassioned and he bit my neck in response. “S’il vous plait, mon amour!” – I whispered low and he caught my breasts and ravished my neck with kisses. Then he hugged me really strong and close and commanded the horse with his silver spurs towards his estate.

“I will bathe you in jasmine water, Lily, I will make hot tea for you, I will place flowers on our bed…” – he uttered in an aroused tone of voice and I felt his virile and protective warmth through my entire body. When I came down from the horse, my legs were shaking, I breathed wildly, and I was dizzy in the head. As we walked to the master bedroom our hands touched. When we finally entered the room ready to up and go, I saw my fancy crinoline and my golden wig standing next to the window.

“Welcome home, August!” – The petite cowgirl greeted us, after which she turned around and saw me, and assumed an alarmed look.

“Excuse me!” I groaned and ran away outside; I mounted the black stallion and spurred the animal towards my own home. Tired with riding, cold with wetness and faint with jealousy I ran the stairs to my room and prostrated myself on the huge bed when I seem to have passed out into a fierce fever.

While Lily was in this state, her brother Black wondered if he had to go to August to ask him what is his black stallion doing in Campbele’s yard and why is his sister repeating his name into a delirium. But he came up with something even better. He decided to poison the horse as a warning, and if August had touched his sister, he was going to poison him as well.

So he took the black stallion in Alexander’s yard and gave it some sugar and arsenic, after which he left. The poor animal was whining almost like a human – August came rushing from the inside. He started to talk to the horse calmly and sent the butler to fetch the witch doctor from the village. The witch doctor came with his herbs and his spells, and his black ritual knife and he summoned some spirits and mumbled some words and the horse stopped panting and fell asleep. August caressed its head as if it was a child. Oh, if the animal could speak, it would have spoken! It’s a pity the horse couldn’t speak. Needless to say August was very worried about Lily. He asked the witch doctor to look into his crystal ball for Lily’s whereabouts, but the witch doctor said he did not practice divination, since he made a really dark prediction for the King about two years ago, and almost got himself into trouble. August sent his dependent servants into the forest to look for Lily, while he himself went to check in Campbele’s estate.

When Lily woke up from the fever, she stretched a little in her sheets soaked with perspiration and she felt cold. She got up to fetch herself a hot tea from the kitchen and she found out she was locked in the room. Deprived of the basic human right of liberty, she felt claustrophobic and opened the window wide. She saw a servant passing under her veranda and she instructed him: “Lament, please find Ashton and send him to my master bedroom.” “I am sorry, Miss, but Master Black has instructed everybody to not receive orders from the lady.” “What? Fetch Ashton here immediately you, auld rascal!” “I am sorry, Miss, but Master Black said he was going to cut our salaries if we received orders from the lady.”

Next to the window, there was a second option – a centuries-old ash tree, on which the yard cats often made cat roundups. Well, Lily was not a cat, but she took off her damp attire and changed into dry underwear, next she caught one of the heavy branches and she climbed on it. Hugging the branch she started to crawl to the trunk of the tree. In her undergarments, she was a fabulous view.

“What are you doing up there, Lily” – August implored from below. “Oh! For the love of God and all that is holy!” she gave vent to her thoughts. Then she remembered the cowgirl and added surly “Just going out!” “Hanging on this branch like a cat, isn’t there a more decent way to go out?” “Lament!” – she cried out when she saw the servant trotting by. “Be kind to show Lord Alexander the front door.” – but the small, old man just looked at her and smiled a sincere smile.

“You want to send me off Lily?” – August laughed. “Now that’s good tone! Here, let me help you out…” and before she knew it she fell into his ardent embrace, and she felt she belonged there, and honestly, that’s where she belonged.

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