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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Last – Possible Endings

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Last – Possible Endings

Now Freya may choose between her eternal love for Loki, and her brand new, but serious crush – Ashton. Vivienne must also choose between Ashton and August, and the author is afraid that someone is going to be painfully neglected.

Once the author read a book of tales by Gianni Rodari, in which every story had three endings and the reader was able to choose between them. Therefore, the author will implement several possible endings of the story, so that no one is miserable and suffers and everybody is happy:

Freya and Loki

Loki entered the bar with his flashy scepter and his black raven hair flew from the air of the ventilator. His eyes were thirsty, and his gait showed haste. He reached Freya and bowed to her with the excellence of a God while kissing her hand. Then he slowly and carefully removed Brisingamen from her neckline. He wanted Freya to be absolutely sober for what was to follow. He handed Brisingamen and the scepter to the barman and said “Guard these as the apple of your eye,” and with his freed arm he dragged Freya on the dance floor.

“Pet, why didn’t you tell me?” – he whispered softly in her ear, while they both started levitating just several inches above the floor.
“I could never be so bold…” – said Freya, who now knew she didn’t need Brisingamen for the perfect sense of delight.
“But I have dreamt of you since you were of age…”
“Just dance with me and say no more, I want us to be one soul…”

Freya was exuding such perfect light, that her face glowed as the rising sun, and people sighed in adoration. Two deities that hadn’t touched and hadn’t understood each other for an eternity were shining and dancing cheek to cheek, and the view made everybody rub their eyes to perceive the ecstatic couple better. Freya’s golden hair was flying around the room, and her blue gaze was locked with Loki’s, and finally, into his embrace, she looked as if the blissful smile would never descend from her face. Loki was also smiling, but he also smiles in the face of mortal danger. This time he was smiling for he had never felt so exalted in his life before. He hugged her really close and he and Freya started growing down – diminishing in form – until they looked like they were from the fairy kin – as small as snowflakes, and shimmering they flew out of the window. Following the stars, they sparkled around in the city garden, and they danced and made out in flowers, merrymaking, and lovemaking for what seemed like ages, all drunk from each other and bathed in pollen they fell asleep hugged in the water lily, happier than they had ever been before.

Freya and Ashton

Actually, Ashton was not so much into Freya. She seemed to him rather dependable and pampered and pretentious. Her life was easy. He had also burrowed a spell to protect him from the power of Brisingamen. But in times spent plotting with her, he understood Freya better and he discovered that Freya was also extremely intelligent emotionally and classy in a way that he liked.

“I want to understand Vivienne better.” – he decided against himself. – “Please, will you give me your enlightening kiss, Goddess of Love, Attraction, and Sex.”

Freya pressed her lips to his, and suddenly the world started revolving fast around them – at this moment he knew that no woman has the touch of the lips of a Goddess conceived in delight. Then when she opened her lips, she was sweeter than honey and chocolate with milk. Kissing her was a huge mistake, for he would always be dreaming of kissing her again. But now as he was not so monogamous anymore that was not really a problem. Freya seemed fonder of him than of chocolate soufflé. She admired his smartness and wanted to learn about Earth from him. She was so happy, she decided to donate Brisingamen.

Vivienne and Ashton

Vivienne and Ashton seem to be a centuries-long story… so in this lifetime, they chose each other fast. Their philosophies clashed furiously, but their hearts belonged to each other. She couldn’t resist his enamored gaze. His eloquence was a present for her writer’s soul. He had incredible ways to make her laugh really hard. She adored his rather peculiar and very controversial character.

So after she got rid of Brisingamen, and felt again like the woman she knew she was, she paid Ashton a visit to celebrate old times and they had pizza and tea. Like in the old times, he teased her then he hugged her and everything was good and pleasant.

“I thank you for giving Freya her treasure back!”- he praised her – “you know I am most attracted to you for your soul qualities. You are a noble creature, Vivienne!”

“Thank you, Ashton!”

“But I am not going to kiss you, sweetheart” – he said. – “since you need to be kissed by that man you are in love with.”

“Yes, Ashton! Just a little kiss on the cheek.”

That was Ashton’s specialty. Plenty of women had climaxed from his little kiss on the cheek.

Vivienne and August

Vivienne was defenseless and intoxicated with desire in his arms. It felt as if they are floating in the space without even moving. With her hand on his neck, she pulled him desperately as close to her as was in her powers, and her heart was begging for a kiss. He held her really close in his superhuman grip. She was sunk in his devastating aura, focused hard on him, impassioned. She was so enamored, she couldn’t think, or at least she couldn’t think of anything else but being close to him. Heavily enchanted by his voice and manners, she was helplessly giving in on the dance floor, ecstatic and excited beyond what is humanly possible. She was dancing already the fourth dance with him, and it suspiciously kept getting better every time.

Then he whispered in her ear: “I want to leave this place with you!”

The End That The Author Chooses And Why

I like the endings. Brisingamen is no longer needed, for there is genuine love in the hearts of the characters. I like the last ending best, not only because it is the hottest and the most expressive. It is enchanting that in a fantasy romantic book August does not need magic and supernatural powers to take Vivienne to heaven. All he needs is the kiss of true love. Kisses. Kisses of true love…

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