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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Seventeen – Vivienne and Freya

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Seventeen – Vivienne and Freya

Evening came and everybody was again at a party. When Freya entered in a scarce, yet elegant dress, she gathered all the looks. She headed straight to August, fixed herself in the chair next to him and said loudly:

“Hello, my friend!”
“Well, hello, Dolly!” – August smiled.
“If you knew Vivienne just declared her love to Ashton, wouldn’t you like to kill her from jealousy?”
“I love discussing fellows, but I don’t really take part in social schemes,” said August and he meant it.
“If we don’t get Brisingamen back from her, all of us will become involved in a social conspiracy.”
“I don’t care about Brisingamen. However,” – August presumed, – “I would probably check if Vivienne is really capable of being jealous of me. Just to check, I want to know how serious she has fallen in love.”
“Then let us dance and pretend that we are lovers.”

That was easy for August to perform. Not only he was a born actor, but he also had ways with women he danced with. So he carried Freya on the dance floor, with a close and wonderful grip, touching her as if casually, laughing together, as if they had been lovers, although they were absolutely unfamiliar with each other.

Then Freya sat by Vivienne and said:

“My friend August and I haven’t danced for a while, but I love doing this with him – we have such fun together.”

Vivienne looked to the side. Was she capable of bearing Freya, she would immediately have shared with her about the “secret love” she had for August and ask her to back off.

After several dances with August, Freya once again sat by her and informed her: “My foot is aching from too much dancing.”
“You should change your shoes…” – Vivienne advised her almost like a friend.
Then August invited Freya again, giving Vivienne “the Look.”
When Freya came back at the bar, sweaty from the dance, Vivienne could not restrain from commenting with a sincere smile:

“It seems your foot does not hurt enough!”

And the two women smiled at each other in disdain.

“You and Loki are a match made in Heaven!” – Vivienne added.

Suddenly, since she’d had too much cherry liquor, Freya started talking to Vivienne in a fast and emotional manner and tears started rolling down her face.

“I am sorry, I am acting like a terrible, terrible person. But I have always loved Loki. He was the reason I graced the dwarves with four nights of my passion. I thought if I wear Brisingamen, he will finally be mine. But he was so jealous he called me a “malicious witch” in front of everyone. That same night, I was really drunk with mead and Brisingamen was somehow lost. I am so envious of you because I see in your hearts that you and August are meant for each other. I have never experienced anything like this. That makes me envious as a cobra. Besides I need Brisingamen, without the delight it gives me I am constantly in danger of looking – and she pointed at her face smeared with evening makeup – like this!”

“You should have started with that. Now I know there is something human in you. Maybe, when you kissed me, when I was a fairy, I have left my imprint on your soul as well.” – “Poor Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex, here’s your Brisingamen and good luck with Loki!”

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