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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Sixteen – Vivienne’s Image Of Brisingamen

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Sixteen – Vivienne’s Image Of Brisingamen

Vivienne took off Brisingamen immediately and thrust it in her pocket. Then she looked out from the window and discovered that August and his girlfriend looked as if something peculiar had happened – suddenly they started arguing and then left in different directions. So the magick of Brisingamen only lasts only when I wear it – that’s comforting. I will never wear the pest again.

“But why Vivienne? It makes you a Goddess of Love, Attraction, and Sex. There is a free niche in the industry. If we can make people on Earth infatuated, we will be the most powerful deities on Earth. We will have a kingdom all to ourselves. Gods and people would envy us.”

“I do not want to be a powerful deity – objected Vivienne, who was one of the rare women, who know what exactly they want – I have but one honest wish, and it is related to true love, not infatuation. Bewitching people is not my cup of tea.”

“But August and Ashton? You love them so well, wouldn’t it be a pity if something bad happened to them?”

Loki threatened her like an insurance agent. Vivienne laughed.

“I don’t want the freaking Brisingamen. I would give it to you but you are obviously not in order. If something happens to Ashton or August, I will break Brisingamen in small pieces and goodbye Gods and Goddesses of Love, Attraction, and Sex!”

Loki went silent, but he crashed the scepter into a wall and part of the wall flew in pieces. Then he decided to try something else.

“Say my name, Vivienne!” – he whispered passionately in order to remind her of a glorious night.


She headed home and saw Ashton on the threshold carrying a bouquet of red roses.

“Hey, Vivienne! You look a little less extraordinary than the last time we met, but you are still gorgeous. Although what you wear is a bit provocative for my taste.”

“It’s lovely to see you, here Ashton. Drop in! I will make tea. What brings you here?”

“I have come to celebrate a great love story. I have known you for the past year, Vivienne, but I know so many things about you, that I feel I have liked you a lot you since you were of legal age. And that’s a lot of years, Vivienne.”

“Ashton, we are soul mates – we have been brother and sister in times of old. We have known each other since then.”

Ashton smiled.

“Speaking of soul-mates and romance, did you bed that man who danced with you?”

“Yes, I am in his bed at the moment. I shouldn’t look to the side!”

“Oh? Good luck with that! There’s lots of male attention to the side. How’s your writing going?”

“Well, my characters have become more and more shallow and inadequate, but this has already started to give me total gusto.”

“Then you are improving. Forgive me, I am here for a prosaic reason. I have come to ask for Brisingamen.”

“Brisingamen is some magical crap. It influences people in a terrible manner. I wouldn’t give it back to you since I care about you.”

“It’s not for me…Freya is absolutely miserable without it.”

“Tell Freya that she must help me get rid of Loki if she wants her treasure back.”

“How do you mean? What’s Loki doing?”

“Loki is a handsome deity, but he is also a loathsome reptile. He wants to control love, attraction, and sex on Earth. Not that he cares about us, Earthlings, he just wants to be waited on…adored.”

“I understand him, there is nothing bad in the desire to be adored, especially by a person when it’s mutual.”

“Ashton, I would love to provoke you like in the old times, when you steered away from me, but then I am so enamored, you will probably refuse my verbal endearments, as far as I know you.”

“Vivienne, I like you a lot, but I think it would be better if you acted absolutely monogamously, even verbally. For being monogamous is a moral imperative. If you do not oblige moral imperatives – that will make you a bad writer, and a despicable human. You don’t want to be despicable, do you? Stick with one man. Imagine if I had one thousand women – what would that make me?”

“A Biblical King?”

“A swine!”

“I am a swine?”

“Your soul has been kissed by Freya. You are influenced by her and that makes you fall in love voraciously.”

“Why don’t you ask Freya to kiss you as well? Maybe you will become like me and understand me better.”

“I prefer to be worthy of the love of a single woman. You don’t understand me as well.”

“But I love you!”

“In an unsatisfactory way. I am sorry, I need to go…” – and Ashton left Vivienne’s apartment in haste, he had forgotten all about Brisingamen.

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