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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Fifteen – Loki Strikes

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Fifteen – Loki Strikes

“Now, Goddess of Love, Attraction, and Sex, you will respond to me…”

It took her a while, but Vivienne soon realized that Loki had somehow sort of kidnapped her mind. She was never alone. He kept giving directions to her with his resonant voice, and while she did like Loki a lot, she felt he pressured her freedom. Vivienne is a liberty-loving creature. Wearing Brisingamen kept her happy, but she was smart enough to realize fast that while disposing of the ancient magickal jewel, she is in a very extravagant situation. Everybody liked her, even Loki, and she was an ordinary woman, she could not grace everybody, especially when she so much wanted the grace of August.

When she walked home in the morning, early pedestrians of Paris gave her the eye, while she felt so shy, she had to look at the pavement  She got back home very early, and when she greeted the janitor, he addressed her like never before with attitude bordering familiarity. Goodness, not the janitor! She entered her apartment, sat on the couch and took off Brisingamen, and her feeling of permanent delight subsided fast. It was crystal clear that the exhilaration was a side effect of wearing Brisingamen. Yes, she became a most powerful Goddess, and that was amazing, but when she took it off – she felt sort of doomed. “Put it on, fairy descendant, you will feel blissful again…” Loki was a malicious, but tender deity. She put it back on and felt its captivating energy. Being a Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex, was something rather new to her, she was exalted when she was wearing the omnipotent necklace, but deep inside she also felt incomprehensible sadness. She took the jewel off again and understood that in her heart she wanted the freedom to cuddle on the sofa and whine. “Put it back on, it’s going to be okay. Everybody will fancy you, my Goddess, but don’t forget you are mine. You and I will make the entire world fall in love. And if you refuse to oblige me, I will put a terrible spell on both August and Ashton.”

Hours passed like ages, the newfangled Goddess was sitting on the couch, eating chocolate with a tipsy smile and ignored heart. When the evening fell, she dolled up, as usual, she put on some flamboyant clothes and went to the party. Everyone greeted her with rapture and told her she looked wonderful – as if she shined more brightly than the magickal necklace. People suddenly became nice with her, regardless of the rumors; it was the first time when she felt accepted, one of them. Men invited her to dance, and they tried to rub against her form, obviously infatuated with her. She felt easy and light, but at the same time uneasy and heavy, for she did not desire everybody’s sexual attention. The man she desired was well aware of her presence, but he looked quite busy already.

In one corner of the place, somewhere in the crowds, August was dancing intensely with an incredibly young and comely girl. They had this beautiful game among them, in which his body told her: “I will not give it to you,” and her body begged “Please give it to me!” and his entire behavior finally concluded, “Here you are…”

It all looked like this – he navigated all her movements, keeping her at a decent distance from him, but from time to time, he gave her intimate closeness, and then their pure game started all over. It was fascinating to watch, and probably blissful to perform.

Again and again, their bodies responded to each other: “Will you give it to me?” “No!” But then he did give it to her. It was the gentlest teasing game of domination. The girl smiled in perfect glee. Vivienne had never seen such agreement and harmony before.

“I think, fairy descendant, that they are quite right for each other. I should like you to give them a spark…” At this moment, Vivienne realized that Loki is an ominous monster.

Give August a spark for this girl? When being drunk with his delicious affection was all her heart could desire? When she didn’t sleep after she had danced with him when their union became more blissful than anything she had experienced before when all she wanted was to stay in his arms for one more minute, every other minute…The pain when the dance ended and she thought, goodbye till the next time…The excitement of adoration and their bodies enraptured and merged in the frankest embrace…How come! She doesn’t want to give him a spark. He is almost in her bed.    She feels she is his fondest wish.

But before she knew it – she touched Brisingamen and thought: “Fall in love with her. Fall in love with each other.” She watched them dance as if they were spellbound by each other the entire evening. Then she watched them leave the party almost together. She knew in this very moment, that she hated Brisingamen and despised Loki.

“See, fairy descendant, I like possessing a Goddes of Love, Attraction, and Sex, but I could also be reconciled only by Brisingamen. While you carry it, I am going to carry you.”

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