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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Fourteen – Coffee Helps

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Fourteen – Coffee Helps

Freya was sour. This impertinence Vivienne not only had her Brisingamen, but it looked like she and August have interrupted some intense foreplay, when they entered the emporium. Remember, from a previous chapter that Freya liked Ashton a little?  He was staring at the door intently as if he contemplated following Vivienne into the darkness.  Freya was sour. Being sour she wasn’t pleasant and she looked awful. She knew that and she was insecure. That made her fierce.

“Do you realize what you have done? Now, your Vivienne is named a love goddess. Good luck trying to keep peace among the men around her – they are doomed.“

“I am sorry. I will get it back…”
“Only, if she decides to give it to you!”
“Don’t worry, for four nights of my passion, Vivienne would do anything!”
“Ha-ha-ha! That’s a good one!”

But Ashton was serious.

“Remember, Great Goddess, when you asked me: “let’s go to a hotel.” I have this effect on women, obviously on Goddesses as well. Plenty of them have even wanted to marry me. Thanks to my virtue, I have not yet become a womanizer, which is synonymous with a swine.”
“But your Vivienne has got some helluva love interest with this guy, named August. I heard everything about it…”
“I heard something about her and Loki as well.”
“Loki’s here? He might be able to help us.”

Freya relaxed a little. After all, Loki was family, and what bad could happen if the people or Gods you celebrate Christmas with are close to you.

“Have you… have you got some mead?” – she begged. “Why did you lie to me? I liked you so much.”

Ashton felt awful. He knew exactly what is to like somebody so much, even though Vivienne always told the truth. Then he came up with a really good idea.

“I will never lie to you again! Besides, I will make coffee for you!”
“Why coffee?”
“Coffee is heaven on Earth in a cup.”

At the first sip of coffee, Freya’s hair shined in golden curls. When there is no making out, coffee helps. When there are no ideas, collaboration helps. There they were, Freya and Ashton, sitting with their heads close to each other and scheming how to get Brisingamen back.

Meanwhile, Vivienne was following August at a close distance – like a respectful Chinese wife, but she did not dare to address him. He reached his weird-looking motorbike and he passed by her riding on it, they did not even wave at each other…

“Should I have greeted him?” – She asked herself.

“No!” – She heard a voice in her head.

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