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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Thirteen – How Everyone Falls For Vivienne

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Thirteen – How Everyone Falls For Vivienne

“Freya!” – Ashton jumped backwards with surprise when the great Goddess crossed his threshold, looking rather cross…

“August!” – Vivienne gasped when she saw her unexpected crush so unexpectedly.

Now, Freya is probably looking for the original Brisingamen. On the other hand, August has got no business to be there, but the author seems unable to stop thinking about him, so there he is in Ashton’s emporium, in the moonlit hour, accompanying the Goddess of Love, Attraction, and Sex. But how did he meet Freya in the first place?

Since August met Vivienne, he had a somewhat curious tradition. When the party was almost over and everybody peacefully chilled out after a night of dancing and romance, August would sit next to someone he hardly knew before and would start telling him an unbelievable story: his story with Vivienne…

So in this very night, when Freya was sitting in the bar, having a lot of cherry liqueur, which was almost as good as mead, if not better, August approached her, greeted her, complimented her nicely, and sat beside her to discuss his story with Vivienne. The Goddess of Love, Attraction, and Sex, was listening inattentively, although it was a great story. Then suddenly she asked:

“Do you feel enamored with me?”
“I am sorry,” August said. “You are wonderful and a natural blonde. But I cannot respond to your jests… I am already enamored.”
“Goodness! Brisingamen does not work as it used to. Ashton Rowan has tricked me.”
“Ashton Rowan is one of the men I was telling you about…The world is so small! But what is Brisingamen?”
“I shall have to pay him a visit. Brisingamen is the only real present in the world. It cannot be stolen or taken by force, only gifted. It’s a necklace like the one I am wearing, only it shines at night, it is magical and gives you divinity.”
Since August is a really curious person, especially about matters of the heart, that was enough for him to offer to drive the drunk Lady to Ashton’s emporium.

“Why is this woman wearing Brisingamen?” – Freya asked.

“Who is this woman?” – Vivienne implored.

They both pouted their lips and looked at Ashton, who looked at them and then at August, who was intensely looking at Vivienne as if he had forgotten about anything in the world. If August was a bit more instinctive, he would have claimed Vivienne at the spot, he felt a love jolt and a compelling obligation to kiss her. She looked as if she had been making out…but August didn’t really care about that – he knew well, that her heart belonged to him, he wasn’t jealous even one bit and he was under the spell of exalted passion.

“It’s not what you think.”- Ashton tried to explain, for he was a man and felt for the man immediately. “This is the effect of Brisingamen on the environment. You are jealous, and you don’t really like Vivienne that much. But Brisingamen makes you want her beyond your perceptions of desire…”

On one hand, August was feeling more insanely attracted than in any other time of his life. On the other hand, he really did not like to be under a powerful magical spell, since loved his freedom well. Victimized by conflicting emotions, he headed to the door and took a French leave, taking Vivienne’s heart with him.

“August…” Vivienne whispered and her eyes filled with tears. In the last few hours, she had been crying for the same man twice. She must be heavily in love, which is why she is hugging Ashton, giving Freya a contemptuous look and heading in the darkness after Him.

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