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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Twelve – An Unearthly Beautiful Necklace

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Twelve – An Unearthly Beautiful Necklace

Loki? – she recognized the ancient deity by his voice, but she received no answer. However, the suggestion was strong…Ashton’s pocket, Brisingamen, six months of craving…But then Ashton is her beloved friend, how would she steal from him and something so powerful that not ordinary humans but Gods were after. “Just drop in for pizza and tea” – she heard a compelling voice…Next thing she knew is she was trying on all her summer dresses, and her most decadent underwear, in an attempt to guess which items exactly will bewitch Ashton Rowan.

It will be hard to bewitch him – she came to her senses since he just saw her dance with August. So she decided to do something no sane woman would do – confess everything and beg him for his assistance. He could be mad at her, he could be disappointed, but she was going to spill the entire truth and truth, Vivienne believed firmly, truth does not hurt.

She knocked twice on the door of Ashton’s emporium.

“You are here, sweetheart?” he rubbed his eyes, for it was close to midnight.

“I know you will think I am mad!” – She began explaining. “But I think I had an encounter with a deity. A sexual encounter, I mean. I know how that sounds, but he sort of speaks through my mind.”

“That guy with the funny nose that you were dancing with tonight – it looked like a sexual encounter as well, only with clothes.”

“Keep mocking me. But I am very much in love…and you know me well – this is stronger than me. Which is why I am here to look for some necklace called Brisingamen.” – she spilled the perverse information and waited for Ashton to absorb it.

“Who told you to look for Brisingamen?”
“Loki’s here?”
“You know Loki?”
“I know all your sexual encounters, sweetheart.” Ashton laughed bitterly. “Chill out, I have never met him in person, but he is an extremely mischievous deity from the Norse Mythology.”

And then she heard a voice which said: “You were kissed by me, and that makes you extremely mischievous, fairy descendant…”

She opened her mouth to say something but closed it fast. “Freya got the necklace for four nights of her passion – the voice continued – ask Ashton what it would cost to you.”

To bribe him? With her body? Virtuous Ashton, who always prayed for her, first thing in the morning and was one of her beloved spiritual friends? No, six months of abstinence are not worth such a despicable act. She was going to have to wait. Six months of abstinence! She opened her mouth and closed it again, and she burst in desperate tears.

Notice how a whining woman achieves anything.

Since Ashton loved her, even though he was unnerved by both Loki and August, his chivalrous heart could not bear her tears…He entertained the thought – maybe if she wears Brisingamen a little – she will calm down. On the other hand, the necklace is magical, divine. She could collapse or something if she wears it. Well, she deserves it! I imagine how Brisingamen would grace her neckline and the sparkle in her brown-green eyes. I feel sorry for her. I despise her. I am going to give it to her. For no other reason – I don’t want her any more…She is crying for somebody else. I don’t need Brisingamen. I need napkins for her tears. Even if you are right millions of times, what’s the sense, when your woman is crying…

And he took Brisingamen from out of his pocket and tenderly graced her neck with the sparkling jewel.

“Goodness!” – She cried at the sudden boost of self-confidence and the utter emotional arousal.

“Look at you!” – He gasped in awe…Vivienne’s hair was swarming with magickal pollen.

“Dear God!”

“You are delightful!”

“I know!”

“And you need kisses badly!”

“I know…”

Next thing Vivienne knew was Ashton Rowan’s ardent hug. Dreams can all come true, she thought. So far he kept her on a loving distance, pretending that he was into a relationship. But Brisingamen did its magick and right now they felt as if they were characters of a love novel.

“I have wasted my time with you when we did it. I now want to ravish you with kisses, everywhere and for hours… divine stuff…”

Then someone knocked on the door. Twice.


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