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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Ten – Vivienne and Loki

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Ten – Vivienne and Loki

“Who are you?” – she asked into the darkness.

“I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious purpose.” – said the sonorous voice, and who knows why Vivienne’s imagination evoked the appearance of a gorgeous blue-eyed man with an incredible smile.

She sat on the bed and rubbed her eyes. But the incredibly attractive man was still sitting on the edge of her bed, looking at her with an amicable smile. Little did she know that in the nine kingdoms there were thousands of women and goddesses ready to do everything to find Loki on the edge of their bed at midnight.

“And what will that glorious purpose be?”

“To fulfill your sensual desires, lovely fairy descendant.”

“Fairy descendant?”

“You are from the fairy kin, different reincarnation. You have been kissed by a Goddess, who is a great friend of mine…and you exhibit some of her soul qualities.”

“Am I not crazy?” she wondered and rubbed her eyes again, then Loki extended his arm to greet her.

At his touch, she felt a jolt of rapture. What a character, like a God and an angel simultaneously. Her heart was fluttering. Loki approached her hand with his lips and kissed wistfully at the base of her middle finger. She felt the moonshine caressing her hair. “Come to me, “ – he ordered, “or I will come to you!”

“Oh, what a story!” – Vivienne thought as she was more of a writer than a lover… but the lips of Loki were already deriving every drop of pleasure from her full lips – oh, Lord! Her body begged for his touch… Lord, who was this man, and what if he had killed the janitor to enter in here? But her lips opened in full trust and thirst, and his touch at the erogenous zone on her back was at the same time soothing and arousing adoration. Loki was not a tough lover, he was delicate and tender, with every gesture she surrendered to his endearments. She suddenly wanted to repeat his name until the dawn breaks in fervent devotion and exaltation. As if he heard her thoughts, he leaned tenderly and whispered in her right ear – “Say my name!” “Loki” – she said – “and he held her really close… “Say my name!” he demanded with persuasion. “Loki” – she repeated juicy from expectation…and he placed her tenderly on the bed, and his lips followed her full curves to the most sensitive places, and he bit her slightly and extracted another “Loki!” from her lips gasping for air. It is not in the powers of a mortal woman to push Loki’s love aside – she felt she has no choice but to submit – to a night of passion and supernatural pleasure. Loki played with her as if she was a musical instrument, extracting sighs and whimpers…and she repeated his name in a daze. She felt faint with romance and sensual thirst, she begged for relief…he gave her his very self…and then he raised his head to look her in the eyes, and gave her a triumphant smile while reading the sincere wishes in her eyes. “I will become really naughty with you” – he promised comfortingly before penetration.

“You are an amazing woman, Vivienne” – he admitted his surprise…after hours of exalted pleasure. “Whatever he says, or does, Ashton Rowan must really be crazy about you. And your new craze August is dreaming of your enchanting lovemaking.”

“The reason men in your life” – Loki continued mischievously – “steer away from you is that they are under a terrible magical spell. But it all can be fixed by owning and wearing Brisingamen. Have you ever heard about Brisingamen? Of course, you have not…It’s a magical and divine necklace and whoever owns it rules beauty, fertility, and love…” Loki said to Vivienne cherishing every word. “And at present, the ancient jewel can be found at Ashton’s emporium, exactly in his leather black jacket’s pocket. So you and I will have to pay him a visit.”

Dare to refuse something to a lover like Loki!

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  1. Another wonderful piece out of the hands of Lady F. This time it takes a third wheel to make the things right for the competing suitors. Through the magic and romance, we get to entertain ourselves with another wonderful literary piece off her hands.

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