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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Nine: Dreaming a Little Dream

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Nine: Dreaming a Little Dream

Now the most logical development of the storyline would gather Vivienne and Loki and stir the passions between them, however, Vivienne just surprised us by falling madly and profoundly in love with a secondary character we will name August. Therefore, we are postponing the scene between Loki and Vivienne, and jumping straight into Vivienne’s bed. That same night Vivienne was lying alone in her double bed dreaming graphic fantasies about August.

August wants to know everything about Vivienne, so he is hugging her from behind, and asking her questions about the best and the worst times of her life, about love, comradeship, and devotion. His voice is intelligent, his laughter is unique and his brilliant mind is blessed with originality and delicacy, rather French features… August is a high-born teaser, with uncertain family history, but we believe some princess has eloped with the love of her life, and then she had to hide the baby from the court, so she left him to be raised in an orphanage…and he has grown up to be not only blue-blooded in manners, but also extremely noble and artistic, suspiciously sensual and talented. Vivienne is smitten off her petite feet. While she danced with him pressed tightly to His Hotness, she whispered his name very softly in his left ear. It didn’t take her a long time to implore: “I want to leave this place with you…” So he took her brave hand into his and they both ran a little in the rain. Had that really happened now she would be lying in his ardent embrace, and her life was going to pass before her eyes from desire…but no – August is a teaser…and being like this, he’s going to smite her with affection.

August is born under the Star Sign of Taurus and when Vivienne was born, Venus was exalted in Taurus which means he will revel in her lavish sensuality, and the ideal date for them consists of gourmet food, fine wine, and cuddling in bed. They are both insanely teasing and romantic – they are going to indulge in kissing a lot and foreplay for hours until she begs for her satisfaction. Vivienne, however, does not hesitate to verbalize her sensual desires, which drives August mad with excitement. With respect for the intimate fantasy life of Vivienne, we will not pry under the sheets. But we must mention that their lovemaking resulted in a lot of steam and perspiration on both sides, and they ended up even more enamored than they had started their love game…

Oh, why not pry under the sheets? Vivienne is pure and soft everywhere, compelling and needy between the sheets, and August is a really sophisticated lover. Dancing to the tune of their true passion, they are ravished with romance and ecstasy. Even if nothing happens between them but this zeal of lovemaking, both would be so nuts about each other. But both of them are also insanely romantic. So they will make out on the back row in the cinema, and treat each other cakes in the sweetshop, they will drink original Turkish coffee and hold their hands while watching opera, they will dance and watch theater, and stroll in the garden and make out on a bench, they will have the time of their lives, have it all!

Had Ashton Rowan not seen them from the corner of the club…

Now as Ashton is going home in rainy Paris, it is rainy inside him. Suddenly nothing else matters, not even Brisingamen. All he wants is to cuddle in bed with Vivienne and have pizza and tea, but then, he didn’t claim her when she wanted to be his. Surrounded by her ancient mystery, his woman had found another outlet… so far it was creativity, but now the different outlet was this peculiarly attractive man. Ashton felt like a fool.

Wait, Ashton is our beloved Ashton, the young genius, almost a wizard, that set on fire the panties of all the ladies in Chapter Six. We cannot have him that forlorn and rejecting the world. We need a hopeful, pacifying thought for Ashton, a happy thought…But only bad thoughts are rummaging through his brilliant mind. “I lost her. I shouldn’t be caring so much about someone as mad as a Hatter. Wait Freya said she could be of the fairy kin. I have read about the fairies and their magical pollen. She sprinkles sparks wherever she goes – it’s her nature. Maybe I am getting mad as well, but I was a little happy to see her cravings satiated a little in the dancing club. I couldn’t fathom her, and excuse her, and satisfy her. She did not grant my wishes. Whose fault it is I don’t know.”

Let’s leave Ashton’s agitated mind for a while and land in August’s one.

“I have never met a girl like this. She drives me crazy with affection and desire. I am afraid she touches me in such a compelling way. I am certain she is in love…but then there are rumors about her in town. Fairytale lovemaking with her might present certain problems. I should stay away from her, but I want her so badly. When we dance, I feel like I am reborn by the rhythm. She is intriguing. She is the most discussed person in the neighborhood. Only reason can get me away from her…”

“Men” – Vivienne thought as she imagined them thinking. – “Cowards… Pessimists…Sneaky fellows…Ready to go against their heart any time, and submit to reason. I have a love hangover from August, but he will not dare to take me.”

“I will take you!” – she heard a voice in her head.


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  1. One man’s loss, as depicted in this masterful piece written by the extraordinary hands of Lady F, is another man’s gain.

    Written in an explanatory style, this artistic piece shows what happens when we alienate from our significant other. We take the liberty to ignore them until the strings get too lose to the point that a new attraction steals their heart. Then hell breaks loose as we mourn our losses while the significant other is having the time of her life on the arms of a new man.

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