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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Eight – Vivienne’s Unexpected Crush

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Eight – Vivienne’s Unexpected Crush

Now Vivienne is going to surprise all of us! Later that evening, Vivienne went to a Latin dance event. She noticed a man she hadn’t seen before and he was stepping an improbable way. She could look for hours at him, and at the elegant heels of his partner, who looked like she was having the time of her life.

When she dared to invite him for a dance, she was already hot and heavy… Well she did not really invite him – she wouldn’t dare, but her companion, who knew how she felt, practically pushed her in the man’s open embrace.

Vivienne lacks the option to dance in a very fast rhythm, but this man surprised her at every step. He acted as if he was dancing for the first and for the last time in his life. For several minutes, she forgot about everything in the world. She was whirling in a dance faster than the wings of a hummingbird. She felt like she was on a roller-coaster, and that felt so good!  All her chakras caught fire. After the dance, she complimented him nicely, that he was like God Shiva, with the six hands…

She thought maybe it was an accident. While being a special edition of an easy catch, she didn’t believe she can be thus attracted in the very beginning. She started to criticize herself heavily. But there was the mysterious man dancing already a second dance with her. Usually, things second are awful – it’s because of our predisposition to enjoy variety in life. But the second dance was even better and more compelling than the first one. Vivienne was insanely happy.

Then the third dance…aw it feels like a long romantic novel already…but in the third dance – he threw her in the orbit of the world…Yes, it was an accident of the merriest sort. Not exactly a love at first sight – but a deliberate and attentive second look revealed his inhuman beauty – and with a super-power like dancing he can really blast Vivienne to heaven and give her everything her soul craves for. She was not going to be able to sleep well – she felt like in her innocent years in high-school. That man coated in his impressive mystery had stolen her heart overnight. She imagined she would leave the place hand in hand with him.

Back to the third dance! He was slowly – well, not moving. True dancers are capable of dancing without even budging…not one bit – he just held her close and they were dancing even out of the rhythm, but they were breathing together. He was softly hugging her close to him – two lovely people together. Ashton Rowan was looking at them from the corner of his place…and he thought that the man is a little bit older than her, and his nose is like a potato…but then he really was a brilliant dancer, and Vivienne had sunk into him, like never in her life before.

She couldn’t help but think of him. Doodling drawings of them dancing, she craved for the next meeting but she did not dare to contact him and admit it. It was so nice when he pressed her form. She imagined throwing her clothes at him and making out in the bar…smitten with passion, she tried to conceal her true feelings, but her face exuded light, the light of a woman in love under the heavy rains of delight.

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