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30 Questions For Vivienne (For The Love Of The Goddess)

30 Questions For Vivienne (For The Love Of The Goddess)

What does your character’s name mean to her?

Vivienne’s name has got its root in the Latin vivus – which means “alive.”  That was the name of the Lady of the Lake – the mistress of Merlin from the Arthurian saga. It’s a smart and sexy name for a Parisian woman.

It’s January second. Where is your character today and what is she doing?

It’s the middle of winter, a holiday, Wednesday, the best time for a Gemini woman to sit in her silk pajamas near the window curled with a good book, while it snows heavily outside. She is reading Pippi Longstocking for the thirteenth time. She is still in the holiday mood, a little bit tired from staying late, and all the rapture and dramatic pathos of New Year’s Eve, but welcoming the New Year with freshness. It will be an entirely different year, she has listed her resolutions, naughty and nice, and this is the season for a restart. Every time she leaves the book, she begins thinking of Ashton Rowan, the man, who is like an encyclopedia to her.

If your character could change one physical detail about herself, what would it be?

Vivienne wouldn’t change anything in her appearance, but she really wants to lose some weight – to feel a bit lighter and tuned in, to be more physically sensitive in her special moments, to optimize her softness and look truly unbelievable.

Describe your character’s hairstyle in detail. Why did she choose it? How much does she care about it?

It’s hard to speak of a hairstyle, concerning Vivienne. She wears her hair long so that the man she loves is able to caress her locks spilled on the pillow after a night of passion. But then her hair’s natural state makes her look like a forest nymph most of the time. She is so “Me – Tarzan, you – Jane” in her appearance. Her hair does not succumb to any comb. It’s most enticing when her hair flies all around her head when she is dancing in front of the ventilator.

What is your character’s favorite physical activity?

Eating. Well, it’s one of her favorites… She is into sensual dancing, and calm long walks. One of her favorite physical pleasures is lying sprawled in the Jacuzzi or the steam bath. But her all-time favorite activity is making love until her garters break.

When was the last time your character climbed a tree? Why and under what circumstances? If she has never climbed one, why not?

She has never climbed a tree. She is too smart and cautious and immune to adrenaline. Besides she has got a deadly fear of tall and unstable places.

Your character comes face-to-face with her worst enemy. What is her first reaction?

She smiles a little, waves, then passes by.

What is your character’s least favorite physical activity?

Climbing the garden ladder.

What is your character’s favorite weather?

Warm, full of sun and shades, and bees and magickal pollen, fireflies in the evening and smells of flowers, forest, and sea…

What is your character’s favorite season?

“What men call gallantry and gods adultery, Is much more common where the climate’s sultry. — Lord Byron (Don Juan) Fond of lovemaking – she is simply in love with summer.

Your character keeps a photo album of memories from her lifetime. If she could only keep one photo, what would it depict?

A young man and a woman are kissing on a boat under the sun, and someone has written on the picture with a hesitant hand-writing: “I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you!”

Does your character keep any pets?

A tom-cat – pearl-white – named Oscar after the King of Paradoxes – her home oligarch!

A very large centipede runs across your character’s leg. What does she do?

She emits a sexy sound.

What does your character eat for breakfast?

She should eat carbohydrates…so today she had ice-cream…with chocolate. But she is on a diet, therefore she had apple pectin mixed with honey – not really a breakfast, but she is incorporating some supplements in her diet.

What is your character’s least favorite weather?

Vivienne loves weather generally. But there is this kind of wind, which messes with her dress and her hair when she has to go outside. While she loves to receive such attention from the ventilators in the club – it is because people there sweat from dancing…But outside – she can’t stand strong wind in her face combined with a cold drizzle.

What is your character’s fondest childhood memory?

One of her earliest and probably happiest memory was how she learned to read by herself when she was three years old. Her parents got her a set of white, plastic letters of the alphabet, which she kept into a plastic bag. She used to sit on the floor of her kids’ room for hours, taking out the letters and comparing them to the letters in a book, until it all started to make sense one day.

What is your character’s favorite piece of artwork?


What is your character’s least favorite season?

She is a great lover of seasons. All of the seasons have an exclusive charm to her… Once it was prophesized that in the future, she will be a master of the weather – one who is able to magickally influence rain or shine.

Someone asks your character to describe her family. How does she answer?

She starts with her grandparents, who were village aristocrats. She tells about every member of her family with love and respect. In fact, she believes that living in harmony with your family is one of the personal battles for any human – very important for the self-realization. So she loves them just as they are and she depicts them with rapture.

Is your character a morning person, a night owl, or something else entirely?

Vivienne definitely loves mornings and coffee, but she also loves evenings and salsa. She doesn’t care much about the afternoons when she takes a nap or goes to the spa.

What is your character’s least favorite color?

Beige. It looks so insignificant.

What does the color orange make your character think of? How does it make her feel?

She loves this kid’s song which claimed that everything was orange. Orange stimulates her mood.

Your character walks into her home and sees blood on the floor. What is her first reaction or thought?

It must be ketchup.

Describe the outside of your character’s home.

A huge, white house, with a red roof, and a lot of windows, with pigeons on the window frames, a house lit by the sun, with some hanging gardens around it, dressed in flowers of all colors and fragrant vines.

Describe a typical birthday for your character.

She has got the flu. Her wisdom-teeth are growing, causing inconveniences of all sorts.

What mythological figure best personifies your character?

Venus, Aphrodite, Freya, Ishtar, Shakti…all the goddesses of love have kissed my character. She also believes that she used to be a Fairy Queen.

What is your character’s least favorite animal?

Well, mosquitoes – she even kills them in self-defense.

A law enforcement officer stops your character for a minor violation. How does she react?

What does the color red make your character think of? How does it make her feel?

Wild Passion. Emotion. The most powerful beats of the heart. Scorpio. Fire. Desire.

A stranger makes a crude comment to your character. How does she react?

“Your mother is eating my salami!”

“I will tell her! Kind regards!”

What is your character’s favorite animal?

Vivienne loves all the animals, but among her favorites are: cats, elephants, dolphins, doves, peacocks, flamingos, and giraffes.

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