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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Seven – Loki and Ashton

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Seven – Loki and Ashton

The time has come to clash the alpha titans in our story – Loki and Ashton. As the title suggests they have to be fighting for the love of the Goddess, but Vivienne seems to have some tricks up her dainty sleeve as well. We feel for Ashton and think he is desperate, because he hasn’t solved an ancient mystery, but now as he is sitting in Café de Flore, he reaches inside his pocket and takes out an unearthly beautiful necklace – the original Brisingamen, which he never dared to wear, just to check if it is still there and safe. His action is not left unnoticed by the elegant newcomer with the black sunglasses and the umbrella who asks Ashton very politely if he can shelter from the rain in the vacant place on his table. Ashton answers politely and affirmatively and thrusts Brisingamen back into his pocket.

While witnessing this, Loki has the impulse to snatch at the treasure and run away like an elementary pickpocket, but no – he has got more style than this. So, he sits down graciously, removes his black glasses and looks at Ashton with his hypnotizing blue eyes.

“It seems we will spend a lot of time here, trapped in the rain.” – he begins. “I will definitely have an afternoon drink, how about yourself?”

Ashton, who can’t care less about his bur of a companion…wait – that’s Ashton Rowan – so he smiles very politely and says “That would be lovely.” Since Ashton is courteous and loves most of all fresh company and a cup of tea. He is quite brilliant at smiling, and warm hand-shaking – making first impressions – this is because he thinks most people are good and pleasant. If for some reasons they are not – it is obviously because they don’t see the options and if they don’t – he makes an effort to explain the options to them. Therefore, he is always in a good mood and he never ceases talking, when he’s got the chance to, even to strangers. This stranger, however, reminds him of an action hero from the movies of Marvel Studios. He is startlingly handsome and that makes him a little unpleasant more to the point – he’s got the sparkling eyes of a womanizer – and that gives a man like Ashton chills from an obvious menace. The newcomer closes his umbrella.

“Would you be so kind as to place my umbrella on the hanger behind you!” Loki asks and hands the disguised scepter to Ashton, who gullibly takes it and places it on the said hanger, without being informed that after this innocent action Loki is going to be able to hear each thought that crosses his mind.

They smile politely at each other, then Ashton begins:

“You seem like you are a foreigner, I couldn’t help but noticing your French accent.” “Vivienne is keen on this stuff with accents, she loves the way I stagger, and she is into my French manner as well – she would probably hit on his foreignness straight away…” that made Ashton conclude his sentence with a little sadness.

“Oh I come from afar” – Loki smirks. “I am very interested to learn about your culture.”

“Well, Paris is most famous with two things: Parisian red lipstick and the frankly incredible Parisian women. They will let you hit on them, even if they have plenty of romantic interests. In that, they will be completely balanced – they don’t practically let you beguile them, they simply observe your efforts with benevolence. They are extremely versatile, I am used to not let them do the talking, for their childish charm pierces you straight in the heart.” “I catch myself talking about Vivienne, only she is like this, but then she is setting all my standards.

“This young man” – Loki thought – “is not thinking about Freya at all. Was he unimpressed with the Goddess, and obviously infatuated in a stunning way with an ordinary woman? Vivienne?”

“You seem to have been pierced already!” – Loki smiles.

Have you noticed how it’s easy to speak your mind to complete strangers? For some peculiar reason, Ashton felt comfy with his unfamiliar messmate. After all, he was just a man, and Vivienne…well any man would have understood. Though he was too refined to be too open to strangers, he took his phone from his pocket and opened her profile in FB, to illustrate his sentence:

“I am mad about her!… If I could think about anything else…but I haven’t been able to the last few days. She is every second thought on my mind. ” he explained himself, as if to a clergyman during a confession.

Loki thought a little. It was peculiar that these Earthlings could be capable of such delicate feelings.

“But I saw you holding hands with the lovely lady, who just left in the rain without even an umbrella?”

“Yes.” Well, Freya is literally a Goddess, but he cannot explain this to a completely uninitiated person. “She is something else… but even her touch only reminded me vaguely to Vivienne’s golden hands.”

Loki looked at him sincerely amused. Maybe he wouldn’t need to get rid of the Earthling after all. But how to extract Brisingamen from the warmth of his pocket?

I will let readers ponder on this for a while.

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