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For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Six – Ashton And Vivienne

For The Love Of The Goddess – Chapter Six – Ashton And Vivienne

Ashton! – Lying next to Vivienne on a sheet-covered mattress in a moderately expensive hotel. Hugging her as if it is the last thing he would ever be doing. Pulling her close to his body, so that her beautiful, soft hair lies spilling on his naked chest. Breathing her scent for the last time… confessing everything with the warmth of his body. Fire and desire have subsided after a night full of passion: the glory of a smart man and the surrender of an inspiring woman…

“So tell me,” he is asking her “about the men who have motivated your fantasies so finely, that they have ended up as your characters. By the way that you have described all of them, it feels you don’t mind to be sensually involved with any of them…and isn’t that too much?”

Vivienne is smiling and she does not care to answer. It feels so good! It is so nice to lie in the hands and upon the body of the man, who has made love to her the entire night. “I am sensually involved with you, right now, you and no other! Your body” – she thinks – “so finely chiseled, so delicate, so slender and strong…so capable of satisfying every urge of my body. Your soul is so full of subtlety and affluent in tenderness. Words that come out of your mouth sound as if they are composed by the most fair-spoken creature that has ever roamed the Earth.” Of course, Vivienne does not give vent to her thoughts, she is silently smiling, enjoying the moment… as if it is her last breath.

Vivienne is a smart woman, she has noticed that in some aspects she is out of his league, and that moment of pure bliss will be but last or rare. She doesn’t want Ashton to compromise his principles to be with her. But she is so grateful to Ashton for his warm hug, that she is thinking:

“May you be blessed, and hallowed lovely, admirable man! May only good things and feelings come your way!  I have come to wish you all the happiness in the world. I hope for you, you will find a woman delicate and fair enough to deserve you…May she bestow her love upon you and be worthy of your frankly unearthly lovemaking. I am not classy enough to be with you-you truly deserve a princess, no – a Goddess! And I am more than certain that you will find her. Thank you, for a lovely time!”

Why is Vivienne even thinking this? Ashton is a man of riches…he knows how to use more than four forks that are served to his left side, while she eats her meals with hands like the Romans. He’s got a style that people remember – expensive clothes, eye-glasses, expensive radiating, while she looks a little chubby in her quite ordinary dress. No,  he deserves something better…

Ashton is also immersed in his own thoughts. The feeling is lovely – of her locks caressing his chest. He is absolutely overwhelmed with Vivienne. Her body whispered all her secrets to his body, the entire night. Her every cell was begging and burning for pleasure. As he penetrated her, he looked at her straight in the face, and she moaned and closed her eyes, and then opened them, without rolling them pretentiously – looking at how he gazed at her, sunk in her sexual wisdom and beauty and absolutely devastated with her gaze of delight and submission. Her most erotic part is the eyes, he concluded, as he absorbed her look beaming with gratitude, unspeakable gratitude. Of all the sensual acts he had taken part in, this was by far the most beautiful and pleasing.

Okay. They have just had the time of their lives. They are lying in each other’s hug, which feels even better than the time of their lives. None of them feels worthy of the other. None of them dares to dream about their next endeavor, which is why they feel, the moment should last forever. And they silently think of each other – star-crossed lovers –  without uttering a word.

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