Why Are You Still Single?

My fans always ask me how do I manage to stay single.

It’s not that hard, forgive me the prosaic smile…

It requires a great attitude to myself, to feel happy and realized without an amorous relationship.
Once upon a time, a saint said to me: There are thousands of ways of loving, and you have discovered one or two, and you feel like you know everything.

Know what? He’s right. At this ripe age, I have learned to discover love wherever it is lurking. I may not have an amorous relationship, but I have plenty of meaningful connections, with people I genuinely like. Also, I feel like a complete person, who is rather happy and content with self, lifestyle, and level of creativity – which is also one of the things that distract me pleasantly from being single.

At the thought “I am single” most people would curl up on the floor and cry.


When you can be:

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