What Is The Meaning If A Girl Buys Chocolate For A Boy?

The meaning of a chocolate! Well, one of the guys in my life called it “an exchange unit of love.” Often, instead of saying everything that matters, I’d give him chocolate. The three words I long to hear are “chocolate isn’t fattening…” Chocolate has got the tastiest scent in the world. Chocolate bars have wonderful inscriptions on their shiny wrapping such as: For You, Merci – and other meaningful messages. Chocolate speaks of love more than any other treat. If you have an important other and you got two boxes of chocolate, what else do you need? If there’s something better than a lover – it is a lover carrying chocolate. Having in mind that chocolate is made from cocoa, a tree – this makes the chocolate salad! It’s Bridget Jones’s guilty pleasure, and the best option for someone in distress, who doesn’t have a 14-carat yacht on which to recover.

If a girl buys chocolate for a boy, I am of the opinion that she thinks he’s really special, a Platonic friend, a love interest, a Muse…you don’t just give away chocolate unless it’s for romance and charity. He might want to share it, to return the favor…chocolate guarantees the perfect romantic moment. It can fix a relationship when you feel everything is gone wrong…it’s the cheapest therapy – the sacred ingredient of the hotness of the relationship. When you feel you are sorry, when you want to connect immediately, when you feel like a treat – the solution is always chocolate. Just repeat the words hot chocolate a few times and your mouth will water as if for a kiss. Even if you haven’t had sex the last night all’s good, when there is a mug of hot chocolate waiting for you at your cupboard early in the morning… Yes… yes… yes… yessss…

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