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For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter Four – Freya

For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter Four – Freya

We have to vindicate Freya, the Goddess of Fertility and Love since Loki banished her from our hearts with his disdain. One would say Freya is rather mean in nature, but actually, she is sweet in nature.  She, however, needs sensual delight the entire time – this is an obligatory condition for her to exist.  More to that – she reacts steamily to all kinds of stimuli. The touch of a garland upon her bosom makes Freya’s aura sparkle like a firefly. The cold water of the mountain spring tenderly fondles her feet, and the wind plays with her golden hair. Freya wants to make love with everything – the sea, the wind, the rain, and some of the Gods and elves, who consent.

But how is one to vindicate a Goddess, who sleeps with dwarves…to get a magical pendant? I mean – everyone else – but dwarves!?  Why would Freya humiliate herself and dishonor herself in such a vicious manner? I mean, can Brisingamen ever be worth it? Such disgrace!

Imagine the first thrill of the heart, the first love of your life and how he devastated you with his beauty. Freya’s first flame was blue-eyed and he smiled in the face of danger. His clothes were of dark gold and his unexpectedness was sterling. He could have any woman in the nine worlds. But when Freya fell for him, he was enchanted by Hella, the Goddess of Death may be because he indulged in her darkness, maybe because she was imbalanced and really needed him. They used to play together as children, when they became of age, she was his first, and Freya still in her adolescence, witnessed everything. The way he kissed her, and claimed her in public, how he bit her neck and scratched her back and pressed his form to her and danced with her like the ubiquitous lover. She felt she could do anything to be in Hella’s place, in Loki’s arms.

So she suffered and she agonized over her first love Loki, and later on, she got betrothed with Odin, who brought into her life the balance, and the masculinity, and the support every woman needs, garnished with passion and riches…all in all – Odin was a notorious catch. At her wedding, she almost fainted with desire while she danced with Loki. She was ready to give in, but she couldn’t find him…so she got really drunk. Then, she was summoned by a group of dwarves…who were squeezing a mandrake over an unearthly beautiful necklace…

Now, why is Freya marrying Odin? That’s perplexing. We have to vindicate the Goddess. Why would she want balance, when she can have sensation, why would she want masculinity, when she can have boyish rudeness, why would she need support, when she can have adventures?  Oh, matters of the heart!

But then why would we vindicate Freya? She is a Goddess of easy virtue and the reader is free to despise her. However, love makes all of us – Gods and humans – a little better, and Freya is about to fall terribly in love with the only person that can do without her – Ashton Rowan.

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