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For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter Three – Loki’s Perfume

For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter Three – Loki’s Perfume

Every inhabitant of Asgard –  God or Elf – was insanely attractive and so were Loki and Freya. Freya used to walk like she had three men walking behind her, while Loki used to stare as if he had three women undressing in front of him. Loki was Asgard’s peacock, he dressed finely in a black armor, his straight raven black hair touched his shoulders, his devastating smile and those blue eyes pierced women straight in their hearts.

Apart from the golden scepter Loki had but one weapon – his perfume – which was invisible, but unforgettable. It was made by a practitioner by the day he got of age and it had to be the finishing touch of his refined clothing. Every lady in the kingdom became drunk with the scent as he passed by and all ladies inhaled it in rapture. He was impatient to see the reaction of “The Lady”. His heart was beating faster than the usual as he entered the feast hall of Asgard, where Odin was celebrating his wedding with Freya. Magnificence and splendor: Freya with her crinoline dress and her golden tiara gathered all the looks. Loki’s eyes locked with hers as he was approaching the Goddess to invite her to a dance. He was anticipating the sensual reaction… as he touched her cheek with his cheek, and she breathed in…Freya wrinkled her brows and said magnanimously: “Ah! What have you watered yourself with?” “It’s a very expensive perfume” – Loki answered with a smirk. “Well, you have to get yourself a cheaper perfume. Pardon me, I need to refresh myself…” – said Freya and headed to the terrace, where she saw her brother Freir…and muttered dizzily: “I think I am going to collapse from desire. Loki’s new perfume… I feel so faint my knees might knock! Somebody has made a fragrance for him that smells like love.”

When she came back from the terrace, her eyes looked for Loki, but he had left in tears.

Like wildflowers, Loki seemed to grow in all the places others thought he never would. He bloomed in the foliage when Freya was walking in the park, he followed her around like a little puppy, and he was worshipping her with eyes. Then he denied. Practically, he dreamed of her divine lips all the time. But he denied it. Loki was a shape-shifter – under one form or another he was in the entourage of the Goddess permanently. He was the pink salmon in the warm spring water where she bathed her feet, he was the raven that knocked on the window pane to wake her up in the morning, everywhere she went, he went. His heart was full of adoration and the malice of love repelled.

But when he happened to appear in the warm spring in all his divine glory, Freya just rolled her eyes and said: “Don’t you realize that nothing will happen…we end up in the same situation. I don’t like you. I don’t desire you. You are an amateur!” And he had no words with which to explain…

Since nothing worked he appeared at night in the bedroom of the Goddess and caressed her golden locks in her sleep. The day Freya got married and then compensated the dwarves with four nights of her passion, in order to get Brisingamen, was the day Loki had enough.

Loki accused Freya (probably accurately) of having slept with all the Gods and elves in the Northern Mythology except for himself. He started rumors that she was “the party girl” of Asgard. She declared to all the gods that Loki must be mad. Loki called Freya “a malicious witch.” After that Loki needed a lot of ancient mead. But once he gets his hands on Brisingamen, Loki is going to have complete power over love, fertility, and beauty in the nine worlds and doesn’t that sound sweet to his taste?

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