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For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter Two – Vivienne

For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter Two – Vivienne

At the ripe age of 35, Vivienne Chantel still believed in fairies. She even believed that in a past life she had been the Queen of Fairies, and had danced in the flowers sizzling with magic and loveliness, pollen and enchantment, and of course fairy scent. In other words – she was completely bonkers, but in the most intriguing manner – and that’s how she made men around her feel most of the time – intrigued, to the point of culmination. Vivienne had two privileges – with her resided the laughter and the sex. To that – add the gentlest female voice and the most sparkling smile and stir a little with a silver spoon for splendor. Needless to say, she was very fond of her own company.

Vivienne was into everything – she had a history as an actress, but she was also a compelling artist, she involved herself in all kinds of creative projects, she loved to dance and she loved to watch birds and people from the street cafes. She was a decent cook, if we put aside her purple periods – you know when you put too much red wine into the meal; it will definitely take the color of a magical practitioner’s cloak. But her profession was even more elusive than her hobbies – she was a writer, an ever aspiring one, ever evolving. That said – she had the dream life of working in the morning, while she was sipping hot coffee in the peaceful atmosphere of her home, and working out in the afternoon outdoors – sipping hot coffee in a Jacuzzi – a perfect balance among spiritual and physical activities. That balance made her feel good about herself. If we added making out to it all Vivienne would genuinely feel like the perfectly happy woman.

Strangely enough, Christmas was more often than making out. Vivienne was hot and smart – one would never have guessed that she had somehow managed to remain single. That was because Vivienne had the strangest fan club in the world – a congregation of men, who were reluctant to have her – because they were jealous of each other. However, all of them were interested in her, since they followed her about, immersed in reading her blog, and tried to prevent her from meeting anyone new – of course, they did all of this in secret. They were powerful and smart, and renowned gentlemen and they were into her, we know, although they did not admit it even to each other.

Fancy secret admirers? Read on…

Ashton Rowan was one of the men fascinated by her peculiar madness. He got warnings from the rest, but he still decided to water this flower – Vivienne. He was quite certain that after he had fondled her and hugged her like he did…she will flow effortlessly into his life and forget about anybody else. She did this exact thing for a while. But then – a perfect dance, a dream of retreat with some of the other gentlemen – broke his trust and he had to admit… she did not deserve his love and care. Ungrateful creature! She did not understand the purity of love. So he tried to draw back…in the gentlest possible way. That hurt like hell! For they were absolutely and immaculately in love.

Soon, trying to alleviate himself by immersing into reading mythologies – he found out that the state of Vivienne was an unresolved ancient mystery. Once upon a time, the Gods and Goddesses who roamed the world decided to leave for other realms. But they could not leave poor humans so defenseless. Therefore, the heroes and heroines of the future world received kisses from the deities. Some of the human souls got kissed. They developed the qualities of their patrons. Guess what, if there was an affirmative word that meant promiscuous – one could apply it to all the Goddesses of Love the Earth has known…Freya, Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar…all of them astute, brilliant lovers, with plenty of Gods and men to balance them sexually, to have their children. Ashton who was monogamous in his core had to know if there was a way to reverse the kiss. Everything he dreamt of – he had found in Vivienne. He knew that without him, she is like a stray cat on a highway…but is love strong enough to hold on, when destiny sets people apart?

Ashton had things to say to her, which were heaping in his soul: lovely things and frightening things and he didn’t know where to start. Here he was, walking next to Freya…who looked at him bursting in a pleasant surprise and said:

“If I have kissed her, she is of the kin of the fairies…”

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