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For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter One – The Store

For the Love of the Goddess – Chapter One – The Store

Adventure with antique objects had made Ashton Rowan almost a wizard. Imagine a spacious chamber that could be either an old library, or a witch’s kitchen, but is actually a store for obsolete commodities, for all the lovers of history. Think herbs hanging from the ceiling, chandeliers and candlesticks, shelves with old rag dolls and laboratory flasks, cauldrons and old books and ink, and a broom, which looks like it can fly, and in the midst of all this:

Ashton Rowan leaning over an antique book, squeezing a mandrake over an unearthly beautiful necklace…Speaking mythological summoning words…While Flinney, the tomcat is fidgeting about his legs…

Ashton! In his early thirties, wearing a pair of glasses, which shine in purple in the light and purple is the color of a practitioner and on top of this, Ashton is slightly staggering, sweeter than perfection – don’t you immediately love Ashton?  Ashton Rowan knows everything about everything…but what is he doing now? Well, have you heard about Brisingamen?

Of course, you have not!

There is a Goddess in the North Mythology and her name is Freya, and in an improper way (at the price of four nights of her passion), she became the owner of the amber necklace Brisingamen. When Brisingamen graces your neck, no one can resist your charms. So Ashton does not really need Brisingamen – he is pretty charming already, but he would really like to learn about its owner, Freya, the Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex, which is why he is squeezing the mandrake.

Thank you for all the attention.

Now, here’s what happened:

Suddenly a Great Goddess with golden hair appeared out of thin air on the chair in front of Ashton – much to her surprise. She looked around the store dazed, saw the mandrake, saw Brisingamen and she needed only a few seconds to figure it all out.

“So, you must be Freya, the Seductress? Well, I have got something of yours! Here is your precious Brisingamen. Be careful where you leave it next time! But if I should be fair with you-you don’t really need it. You might consider donating it.”

“You ought to be kidding!” – and the lovely, pouty lips of the Goddess opened in a sincere smile…

“Be welcome to my modest premises. This mandrake you are staring at is poisonous, but you may have a cup of tea and a slice of pizza? They make life here on Earth better. I am mad about fast food” – Ashton said and sipped from a steaming cup of tea.

Freya took a deep breath and was filled with the tea aroma, her face started sparkling, she looked pleased to the core of her senses. Delight was written in her expression. Poor Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex was conceived in delight – and she was dependent on it under any form. She needed constant pleasure in order to perform well.

“Now that you are here” – he continued looking at her with content – “I could show you around my realm. Shall we stroll in Paris, called also “The City of Lights?” I frankly believe you can sprinkle some of your sparks on humanity. Everybody on Earth wants romance, that’s what everybody dreams of. Here you are most wanted, Goddess of Love, attraction, and sex…So have your sweet brew and let’s walk on Earth, where fine and true romance is scarce…and he smiled benevolently behind his glasses with purple shade, sort of a whimsical, delicate smile. Then he offered Freya his hand, ready to walk out with her. “Here, on Earth, holding hands is a gesture of fondness, dear, a gesture of special fondness…”

Loki was lurking in the bushes

right next to Ashton’s house, where he could see the couple going out but he couldn’t really hear them speak to each other. Freya walked hand in hand next to the Earthling both of them heading to the center of the city. She was wearing Brisingamen! Her golden hair was swarming with magickal pollen only he could see – a clear sign that the Goddess was sensually aroused. Was that by the looks she gathered, or by the intimate touch of her companion? Loki imagined how he extended his scepter and tripped up the insolent suitor. But he could not reveal himself, not now, not when he was so close. Once Brisingamen was around his neck, Freya would be his to have and to hold. But first, he had to take steps to eliminate the Earthling, obviously. He held the Goddess’s hand with too intimate a gesture. Loki thought for a while, then he shifted his shape. His long hair turned short in the blink of an eye, his blue eyes hid behind black sunglasses, thus he didn’t look as charming, but he could follow the couple without being recognized. He even changed his perfume, lest Freya should recognize it, even from a distance the senses of the Gods were much more refined than those of the humans. Then Loki turned his scepter into an umbrella and he was ready to follow…

They were passing through a beautiful garden. Loki saw how the couples who passed by them started hugging, kissing and making out in the spring weather. Those were the effects of Freya walking on Earth. Enamored doves and squirrels, birds and bees were playing in the park. Freya was followed by her natural scent of jasmine, which was an aphrodisiac. He imagined what thrill the insolent suitor felt holding the hand of  the fair Goddess. For an eternity, Loki had touched Freya only once – when they danced on her wedding with Odin. Little did he know that young Ashton Rowan had taken preliminary measures. From his thick, old books – he had burrowed a spell, which could free him from the power of Brisingamen, and let him resist even the eternally aroused Goddess in her full glory. Yes. Young Ashton was going to be an unprecedented case in the love life of the Goddess, but Loki couldn’t know that, so he was following  the couple and smiling his ominous smirk, very pleased with himself.

“Goodness, how lovely the blooms smell…I feel the scent caressing my nostrils…I think I am going to sneeze…” and the Goddess let out a deep sigh…”such pleasure…your Sun is caressing my locks so tenderly…What were you saying about the meaning of holding hands?”

“I am very fond of you” – Ashton said and caressed the Goddess’s palm.

“Oh how cool! I am like the Golden Fish”

Freya muttered and her timbre reminded of chimes and nightingales. – “I can grant you a wish, especially when I feel pleased. It can be anything, really, except bringing back the dead, or causing death…but I can really make somebody infatuated. Infatuation – yes – love, unfortunately – no. It’s a powerful influence and I don’t use it, although it is in my powers. Now, surely you are not doing everything for the greater good of humanity. Is there someone in your life? Wait…well, I have the strangest feeling we are being followed…”

“Don’t worry dearest Freya, all the people we pass by follow us with their gazes, because of your inhuman beauty. Paris is a safe city, during the day, besides no one knows you are wearing the most precious Brisingamen…as it only sparkles in the moonlight. No one knows you are a Goddess, and – he whispered soft and low” – “we humans do not have senses to perceive that you are excited. I know that you are sensually aroused the entire time. We are blind to your true beauty. You are comely, people from cars passing by may fall in love with you, but that’s about the worst that can happen.”

“About the rest, Great Goddess, frankly, it is quite the extravagant meddle. “I have to say that worst and most painful for us humans are the matters of the heart.”

“I met an incredibly attractive woman.

Vivienne Chantel. Vivienne is an advanced lover and treated me well. However, she has got attitude to plenty of men in her life…under one form or another. That does not mean that she pops her cork for anyone she sees: say the postman, and the shoemaker, and the plumber…that would have made it easy… No, all of the men are good-looking, so refined, men of distinction, not sailors – captains of life. All of them irresistible in many ways…We learned about each other and she got in trouble. So, we organized ourselves a small gentlemen’s club – to lick each other’s wounds, to support each other, and banish her from our lives…Unlike all the other women, however, she acted as if she could dispose of an eternity – as if she would live forever. So we started meddling in all her affairs, fussing about, and telling people who contacted her for pleasure or business, she’s as mad as a hatter. She knew all of this, yet she stayed happy and positive, and well…damn attractive. I could search for a whole eternity and I will not find anyone like her… She was perfection to me, I only couldn’t imagine sharing her with my…good fellows. I never understood how anyone could even imagine this. So I stopped talking to her, but I feel tortured. One day, while I was rummaging through my merchandises I found a book – an encyclopedia about mythological beings… I read this legend, which claimed that the women, who fall in love with many men, were once kissed by the Goddesses of Love, and they left their imprints on their soul.

Don’t mind me saying this – all myths have it: all Great Goddesses of love are of easy virtue. I started reading the mythologies voraciously…and blessed was the day when Brisingamen ended up in my hands. So I called you to return your treasure and to ask you…

Have you, dear Goddess, kissed my great spiritual friend and beloved Vivienne Chantel?”

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