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The Runaway Bride, Part One

The Runaway Bride, Part One

Prince Leo was afflicted. The King had found a bride for him. He was quite certain that the beauty of his fiancée, Sasha, the Princess from Sasha Empire was exaggerated by the delegates of the foreign country. “Ugly or not, you are marrying this girl, ugly or not!” his internal voice spoke his apprehensions. So he was staying numb with desperation at the window in full armor.

This glorious knight couldn’t even imagine how to attend to the needs of a woman. So this was the day, which would change everything. A warrior, a great warrior, was about to become a family man, an ordinary family man.

A tea-lover, a great tea-lover had to say forever goodbye to the cedar trees covered in snow, in the taiga of the Great Sasha Empire… There she loved to ride her personal horse Thunder, galloping between the trees, and that pacified her very bright and always agitated mind. It was the last thing she did before embarking on the ship which was to cross the Great Silent Lake and anchor far, far away from everything she loved.

When she stepped on that foreign land, her eyes filled with tears. How could her stepmother sell her like this for a trade contract with the youngest country on Alpha Gem? She had so many candidates where she lived, and she was really fond of some of the pure-blooded princes, she had grown up with. She was a fascinating young woman, flirt came naturally to her, and her stepmother, the Queen was jealous of all the attention young Sasha was getting. So her stepmother did the best she could to leave Sasha without options.

When she was received in the harbor of the capital of Dragon Dynasty, tears like pearls were falling down her rosy cheeks. “I will go away from here.” – she resolved in her heart. “I will become a recluse.” Soon she was trotting in front of her companions on the most docile mare the Dragon Dynasty could provide. They couldn’t know the princess was a great rider.

It was a land of warriors – a standoffish, infertile land… People said that the inhabitants of the Dragon Dynasty saw burping as a sign of gratitude and satisfaction, and a compliment to the chef. They were said to spit loudly in the streets. They were so rude, they even refused compliments. They didn’t even have teaspoons and ate all their meals with chopsticks. Courteous Sasha was appalled that her fiancée would be a rough and unsophisticated person, of the kind she despised. She had grown in a land where noblemen dipped their hands in milk to preserve their beauty, so that they may play the piano, the guitar, the violin. She was used to men opening doors for her…immersed in thoughts she saw what looked like a dense park or forest to her right, and suddenly she spurred the poor mare with all her might towards it. She managed to take her companions by surprise…next thing they knew is that she had sunk somewhere in the luscious vegetation they were passing by.

Holy Mother of Mercy! –one of the servants yelled. – We lost the princess in the Enchanted Forest.

That’s not simply good news. That’s simply bemusing.  She just jumped into the foliage, no one could stop her and she disappeared in the forest no mortal dared to venture near…a forest cracking with magic. Only the Royal Kin was able to enter the forest, and that happened when they become of age, and not without a magic ring which made you invisible and a magic sword which made you invincible. Now it was his turn since he learned about it in his childhood, Prince Leo had waited for this moment when his father the Emperor will send him in the Enchanted Forest.

End of the First Part

I would like to challenge you to finish the story yourself!

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