Curvy Like A Violin

It seems curvy women generate more romantic interest in men. Compare a voluptuous, passionate woman, shaped like a Guitar Center, Hofner Violin Bass to her bony competition. It’s a matter of fashion as well, really, but history has it proven that most men like their hands full.

Renoir and Rubens

Think about the women of Renoir and Rubens. According to the art historian Tamar Garb, Renoir got a reputation among Impressionists as “above all, the painter of women

His nudes are all shaped like guitars, all of them look incredibly soft and feminine and irresistibly attractive. He used to fall in love with his models.

Compare their lavish sensuality to the expression of the skinny model Twiggy, popular during the 1940s.

Are they even comparable?

She looks flat as a board. No curves can be distinguished. Men soon lost interest to this type of beauty, and all the medias was again full of women, who could balance a glass of champagne on their bottoms. Well, at least until someone spilled it.

Part of the female divinity is in ripeness. All Goddesses of love and fertility have been depicted by artists in larger quantities. Now, doubtlessly a woman shaped like an apple, a pear, or a rectangle is much less attractive than a woman shaped like an hourglass or a violin. Breasts and bottoms are essential, but you have to have a discernible waist, where your lover can rest his hand while you are laying in his embrace.

Curvy women are good for one more thing. They eat. They eat in the way that they make love: with passion, with devotion, with concentration. Pushing the whole muffin in. They do not eat delicately and abstinently like a bird, but hey, who wants to have sex with a bird? Then they belly-dance in the empty dishes. To some men’s dismay and other men’s delight!

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