Hotels In Venice

Venice is the world’s most magical and beautiful city.

It’s one of the cities that are beautiful even on a heart-broken, rainy day when love feels tragic.

Together with Paris, it is probably the most romantic city on Earth.

Venice is an exceptionally expensive city.  It has 200 hotels with various numbers of stars, and breakfast is almost always included.  However, basically, you pay through your nose for staying in close to the Piazza.

The hotels in Venice are very friendly, with terraces at the top rooms looking over the roofs. The lobbies are furnished with heavily luxurious items: splendid frescos, golden chandeliers, and golden statuettes. This accent of golden spreads on the linens, the wall and the window treatments, upon the carpets, with flower decorations, with huge framed mirrors on the wall. You can place your handbag upon the grand piano. There is a bottle of champagne that is waiting for you dipped in ice. The wooden frames of the chairs are heavily carved with floral elements. There are pillows full of soft, bird feather and maids who arrange the flowers in the vases, fresh from the garden. Heavy curtains are tied with ropes at the high and bright windows, the sheer pink light comes through. High class, retro pink Cupids are carved in the walls.

In Venice, the errand-toy will be kind enough to lend you a hand as you are getting out of the boat in your sleek, little, black dress. For the first time in your life, you are looking at Venice with inquisitive eyes hidden behind fashionable black glasses. You enter the sumptuous lobby of the hotel and are stricken with the florid beauty of its columns, the air of impeccable elegance and artistic architecture with a stress on lighting and coziness. Although Golden is the predominant color – your high heels feel like they are stepping on the red carpet, rubbing shoulders with celebrities. The attendants wear the hotel coat-of-arms as a badge upon their costume. You can call the concierge with a golden bell at the reception. There is a high and majestic atrium. Rooms are up to the mark with their blue-beige nuances that relax and calm the senses down. A pink, satin, night robe and red lampshade next to the bed are responsible for your comfort. The restaurants are busy and lively in the evenings. In the presidential suite, there is a comfy library, adorned with fruit and flowers, heavy looking-glasses and pictures with golden frames. The mirror in the bathroom takes the bigger space on the wall. There is a full set of complimentary white cosmetics.

There are suites of bright, sexy colors – orange, oak, pomegranate red, small, bright, golden chairs and Persian rugs. Some of the hotels are furnished like doll houses – many light and spirit invigorating tiny pieces of luxury, like those small pillows that adorn the bed. There is an outdoor dining room on the roof and a pool with spectacular views. As Truman Capote put it: “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

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