Guest Blogger Vasil Vasilev: On Plovdiv

Plovdiv – photographed and immortalized by the talented photographer Vasil Vasilev.

There are places… moments… in which you can’t keep the balance of spirit…You witness how the vanity of the day melts like spring snow…there you experience a cultural shock…imperceptibly you leave the reality of the contemporary world and as a gust of the wind you descend through the portals of time in the jungles of the millennia.

The narrow, sheer, paved streets change their direction more suddenly than the mood of a woman in a critical age. There roam the shadows of Thracians, Greeks, Byzantines, Jews, Turks, Armenians, of the auld Bulgarians.

There the legends whisper of Thracian Kings, for Philip of Macedon, for Frederick Barbarossa, for Krum, the Scary One. There the entire time of the world we know has simmered inspiration for arts, crafts, trade. Poems have been written and blood was shed…there the life and death have danced in a grasp.

Plovdiv – one of the oldest cities in the world – Plovdiv – a living tale…On whichever of the magical hills you walk, whatever direction you look at – you remain flabbergasted by the beauty, and you want like Goethe to exclaim: “Ah stay a while! You are so lovely!”

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