What’s Virgo Like?

To love a Virgo, you have to break down the walls that she has built around herself, and your efforts will be rewarded immediately.  First and foremost, Virgo is independent, but she needs someone to give her confidence and support her. She is very much afraid of getting hurt.

A Virgo wants

A Virgo woman is after two things: dreams and money. She will never humiliate herself to chase a man. She likes courting. A sense of purity and sweetness is needed by her in order to make love. She is a crank when it comes to being tidy, neat and practical. If you don’t appreciate her – she will leave. She is very logical and she is usually right about stuff.

The Superwoman

Virgo is the superwoman of the Zodiac, she is capable of doing everything and perfectly. Of course, she is earthy and she may seem detached and calm, but underneath her shy, reserved surface – there is a real woman. A strong, passionate woman, with a great capacity for devoted love. She often plays hard to get, for she is afraid to be emotionally vulnerable and get hurt.

Virgo is conservative and old-fashioned, a typical woman who is the perfect challenge for a man. Virgo exists in the mind – everything is inside.

Her life

On the other hand, she does not tell too much about her life, even to a few people. She is determined to always do what needs to be done. A Virgo has a hard time accepting her shortcomings, but that’s a reason for her to improve. She is easily annoyed. However, if you let her go, you will most likely regret it. She can do everything alone and she has got a strong mind, she is one of the most humble and sensible signs. So it’s your loss. Virgo is pure, her motives are honest and she is never malicious. She wants to accomplish stuff.

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