A Leo

A Leo always strives to be the center of attention. He was born a boss. Adventurous, romantic, dashing and daring, loyal, generous and funny – he has got the biggest heart of all. He is always there for you if you want a good argument.

He is powerful

Leo is a powerful sign, with the giantest ego, he is naturally very proud, He announces his opinions openly and loudly. When he dislikes something and finds a fault – he is merciless. However, you may never criticize a Leo, because he will never hear it. While he might seem arrogant, he is truly the best friend. On the inside, Leo is a beautiful soul, which strives for perfection.

He loves

A love interest would be someone who really cherishes and appreciates Leo and his performance in a relationship. To Leo everything is a performance, and life is a stage, and he is the main actor thereof. Others are simply not as great, beautiful and glorious as he is. In people he looks for fun, affection, optimism and the dare to make the first move.

He is

They say he is so charismatic, that he can sell ice to an Eskimo. His motto is that he is the greatest. He loves to complain loudly. People are supposed to depend on him. A natural born actor, whatever he wants, he always gets.

A Leo does not play head games with you. He tells you exactly what he wants and he must have it, or else you will receive fire and brimstone. Needy for attention he interprets it as being loved. Status is also very important to him, so he is looking for the trendy girl. His smile lights up the room. With the right one, he is considerate, protective and very, very affectionate. Tough, confident, ambitious, knowing exactly what he wants, Leo is the King of the Zodiac.

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