I am Gemini

I am Gemini and creativity is my true nature. Contrary to the popular belief that Geminis are deceitful, I adore speaking the truth, and I am fair-spoken. I will connect to you immediately. With me boredom does not exist. I am curious about everything, with the fond curiosity of a child. My ruling planet Mercury is the planet of communication and it bestows me with rare expressiveness. Mercury is also known as Hermes of the Greeks, Toth of the Egyptians and Odin of the Vikings.

I love to share

I love to share, which can be perceived as gossiping, but it is my true nature to speak the truth and also half the fun is to share. This can be interpreted as having no personal space. Never boring, I can entertain you with my light sense of humor and delightful speech. Key to me is communication in all its aspects – I love reading, the media, the iPhone; Internet has turned my world into a small village, I am in the social media, in this age, I am omnipresent. Young at heart, hyperactive and talkable I am a walking talk show.

I am very attractive

I am extremely attractive and my airy spell enchants everyone. A delicate persona with a strong mind, I might be able to convince you that the clover is a kind of a dog. I have enviable people skills, and simply make people feel good and calm around me. Fairy tales are delightful to me, and I  love reading them to children, and even to pets. I have such brilliant and beautiful mind that it is hard for the other Signs to resist me, I am the charmer of the Zodiac. Airy and Fiery Signs connect beautifully to me.



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