On Taurus

Taurus is the Second Sign of the Zodiac. He is artistic, he is sensitive, a painter. Owner of a lot of pretty things, he is never tired of collecting beauty under all forms. Affluent and artistic, he is ruled by Venus – the planet of Love and Money. He loves adornments like a Christmas Tree. His manners are refined, he has got materialistic aspiration, he is the man who will wear a bow-tie and bow slightly to you in your little black dress, when he takes you to the opera. Buy that expensive jewelry for him for his birthday and you will see shine in his eyes.

But Taurus is also:

On the other hand, Taurus is jealous and possessive, he’s got a special attitude to money, he may even seem stingy, for he always invests, and always wants his money’s worth. He is very attached to family and friends, to the point of being clingy. When he is angry, he is really scary, so don’t make him mad! His symbol is the Bull, and we all know the Bull is stubborn like a donkey.

Here is the Bull in 10 sentences:

  1. He dislikes change.
  2. But likes making out.
  3. He dislikes going out of his comfort zone.
  4. But he is into buying himself new stuff.
  5. He dislikes arrogance.
  6. But likes beautiful shiny things.
  7. He is very delicate and patient.
  8. But he is wilful and stubborn to extremes.
  9. He loves order.
  10. But he doesn’t like you to touch his stuff. Ever!

Know that Taurus is a traditionalist and a gentleman, he is a gentleman who would fold his clothes and buy new trendy shirts with the same joy as a lady.


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