Aries – Emotions

The First ambition of the Aries is to be First.

Courage! That’s what Aries is all about. Traditionally this sign is represented

Traditionally this sign is depicted as the Ram—a violent, fearful,  creature. That’s how the energy of Aries look from the outside. Inside, it’s different.

Aries’s heart is not the Ram, but the newborn robin, two days old, just hatched from its shell, living in a world full of creatures who think of it as breakfast. Is it afraid? No—the little bird flaps its little wings and squawks its head off, demanding its right to exist. That’s Aries: the raw primal aspiration to survive. Existential courage.

Often Aries is quick to anger, but he usually recovers just as fast, regretting later things he said when he was upset.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior, and makes a person inclined to be strong and independent. Aries is the pioneer spirit
and prefers to create his own path rather than follow the crowd.

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