Aries – The Bon Vivant

Aries is the Bon Vivant of the Zodiac. He is merry, happy and bright. While drama is not his cup of tea, he indulges in music, work is a pleasure to him. He is passionate and altruistic, he is cuddly and funny like an infant.

Being a Cardinal Fiery Sign, he is also masculine by nature, ruled by Mars and   symbolized by the Ram. His lucky day on Tuesday, Numbers 1 and 9, color red, birthstone Diamond, yes babies born in April are that lucky – they get diamonds for their first birthday.

The Sign of Beginnings

Aries is the Sign of Beginnings. He is the baby of the Zodiac. Aries gets terribly angry, but he is not a Drama Queen.

Why does Bruce Willis save everyone?

One of the reasons Bruce Willis always saves everyone is that he is born under the influence and Sun Sign of Aries, the Fighter!

How does this Sign impress?

He impresses immediately with his drive and his initiative. Aries is impulsive and agitated with everything, all the time. He wants it badly, really really badly, and he wants it now.


Anything that is slow gets on his nerves. No slow-motion for the Fiery Aries.


He is famous for being honest to bluntness, and he will not spare your ego.


 His passions are sensually dangerous. He is a lover, a soldier, young at heart, a true man, a devoted husband and he wants a hug!

He is:

Competitive, blunt, responsible
Hilarious, risky, strong
Achieving, sexy, positive
Extroverted, Dominant
Impatient, flirty, proud
Idealist, optimistic, leader
Charismatic, Impulsive, loving
Rebellious, protector, stubborn
Stylish, detached, charming
Dynamic, hot, persistent, wild

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