Deepshikha and Lady F Discussing Hindu Culture

Deepshikha’s name means zenith of light. She loves spreading light in everyone’s life. She enjoys the small joys of life. She likes writing poems and making short films. Poems are usually written by people who suffer through something. Is that the case with you? I love writing about anything and everything. I mostly write about emotions and my personal experiences.…

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For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Nine – Unspeakable

“Yes, Ashton! We really made love! It was heaven!” “Half the pleasure is to tell about it…” “It was unspeakable! He tormented me sensually and delighted in my helplessness. I could swear he kissed my forehead in the morning,” said Lily who had finally regained control over her verbal expressions after the hot cup of coffee. “I am messing with…

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Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson And Her Ancestors

Anna Anderson has newly arrived at writing following a mid-life crisis at 50. She wrote herself a bucket list of 8 things, and “write a novel” was on the top of that. She has always been a voracious reader and a member of a book club. When not slaving away at the keyboard she milks her cow “Willow”, works in…

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runaway bride

The Runaway Bride

Prince Leo was afflicted. The King had found a bride for him. He was quite certain that the beauty of his fiancée, Sasha, the Princess from Sasha Empire was exaggerated by the delegates of the foreign country. “Ugly or not, you are marrying this girl, ugly or not!” his internal voice spoke his apprehensions. So he was staying numb with…

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passionate dance

A Passionate Dance

Let us talk about inspiration in the lowest chakras, a great spiritual endeavor – a passionate dance! It’s the story of how two energies flow into one so fervently and dynamically that you get dizzy in the head. The song, the dance, the beat, the rhythm is just an excuse. As if the Lord has bid the man to do…

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romantic gestures

The Ultimate Guide For Romantic Gestures

Online Romantic Gestures   Tangible Romantic Gestures Decorate his room in St. Valentine’s style – with a lot of hearts and rose petals and balloons, bouquets of long-stem roses, candies, and don’t forget the chocolate and champagne. Get creative! 2. Serve tea and muffins in bed. Try to make breakfast look really pretty and inviting. Don’t skimp on the strawberries…

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love dancing

Why Do People Love Dancing?

Why do people love dancing? First and foremost dancing is our reaction to music, and music makes all of us emotional. Everyone likes different types of music, but we all agree we live in a world that craves for it. Just like literature, it makes all of us a little better people. Dancing is for the merry people, and I…

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Daniel and Lady F

A Story Experiment by Daniel and Lady F

This is a role-play story created together with a Siberian man – Daniel, who loves talking to people and whose level of English is intermediate. Daniel and Lady F make an experiment: to create a story without a good command of the language.  D: I woke up early in the morning because the dog was barking rather loudly. After I opened…

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For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Five – Delirious

Voices, voices everywhere  – different timbres, different levels of curiosity – voices returned to consciousness and awareness the enamored couple…the music went off, the entire court was chattering and August and Lily were hugging in the midst of the dance floor, perfectly delirious. As he opened his eyes and turned around he saw the whispering crowd, smiled to them and…

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spring garden

For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Four

In Campbele’s spring garden, all the flowers shining in different colors were covered by drops of dew and exuded wonderful scent. The scent combined well with Lily’s flavor and it could be associated only with lovemaking. As he was helping her off the tree she fell into his arms and he sighed as her body slipped upon his. When her…

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nasiru wonder

The Truth About Nasiru Wonder

Nasiru Wonder is from Ghana. I asked him to imagine he meets a pretty girl at a bar. How would he introduce himself to her? I’ll give you my name if you guess right! Lol! Nasiru is the name, a poem for the Universe. With my pen, I’m known as a “Wonder” even on poetry stage, yet a danger I…

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Insolent Suitors

Insolent Suitors

The horror of each enamored woman is all the men who trot about her the entire time, with different methods of approach, but with the same agenda – the infamous Insolent Suitors. Like literary characters, Insolent Suitors want something all the time, but it is not innocent as a glass of water. The Cavalier: “I was tempted to know what…

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Christmas shirts

Christmas Shirts for Your Beloved

Imagine I am a fortune-teller, and I am telling your future in a crystal  ball, or a cup of coffee, or with beans and flour, or simply cards – cards is the best option. So, I have seen in your future and past some venerable gentlemen, and I am helping you to pick Christmas presents for them. Presents should be…

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Want for Christmas

30 Things I Want For Christmas

What do I want for Christmas? Christmas has got a special vibe for all the children in the world. It is the time when people who share the same dreams, gather together to celebrate the Birth of the Lord. Here is a list of all the things I have ever wanted to get for Christmas. A Christmas tree decorated with…

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James Casey

James Casey and the Magick in Words

James Casey IV has poetry in his bones, an ancient soul, and a hopelessly romantic heart. James is a southern poet with roots in Louisiana & Mississippi that currently resides in Illinois with his Beautiful Muse, Raissa Ann. He has been writing and creating artwork for over twenty years and is known in the poetry scene as The Madman Philosopher.…

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John Robbins

John Patrick Robbins and Unfiltered Poetry

  We are fractured the same just too caught up in our own egos bullshit to notice the other bleeding in soul while existing in silence. From the Poem Romance In  A Nutshell. John Patrick Robbins is a self-described barroom poet and stands as editor of four Ezine’s: The Rye Whiskey Review, Under The Bleachers, Drinkers Only, The Abyss. He…

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Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is love in action. It is also the day when dad treats everybody chocolate pralines “for the birthday of my very good friend Christ.” The dark sacred night that has gathered the entire family around the table every year to celebrate the loveliest season. The time has come of decorated cities and forests heavy with snow. The time has…

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first move

Who Should Make the First Move?

It’s a painful question. I have always believed women choose their men, always. Women always get to pick. They intuitively know exactly how to act in order to attract a mate. As a friend of mine says – a woman has to be an inspiration for the man. But what happens in the unfortunate moments when a woman longs for…

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Great Sex Cannot Follow A Recipe

Have you ever tried a good intense movie scene at home? Have you tried to fry your eggs on her belly like Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots? Or dance for him in the way Kim Basinger did on high heels in Nine 1/2 Weeks? Or use some butter as they did in Last Tango in Paris, the scandalous movie with…

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How To Lead A Woman In A Dance?

To dance with a good partner is a revelation of a sort – a happiest activity – for you float in his arms as if you have wings and your mood is close to enlightenment. A good dancer can make the woman in his arms delirious with joy. The great dance is practical magic. But what makes a man a…

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Some Thoughts on Planning and Fickleness

Even in the world of creative writing there are two types of writers: Plotters and Pantsers. The Plotter is one who plans his novel in advance. A Pantser sits down on his pants and writes the first sentence and trusts in God for the second – which is usually what I do. There are people who plan their lives to…

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older men

Why Do Women Like Older Men?

Should age matter when it comes to love? Yes, men like wine get better with time. I am conducting research about Hollywood couples with a great age difference, and all of them without exception look extremely happy!  The most scandalous couple of all seems to be… Woody Allen And His Wife Obviously, Allen is married to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter –…

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How Do You Handle Pressure

One who procrastinates knows what pressure is. The need to finish the entire project until yesterday can really make your life tense. In order to have no pressure, you must live without a single care in the world – no tribulations, no expectations, no plans. But why defy pressure? I am very positive about pressure – for it makes things…

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Chapter One

For The Honor Of The Lady – Chapter One

In its Golden Age the Kingdom of Angelic was under the rule of King Louis, The Magnifique, whose royal symbol was the naïve and feminine lily flower. The lily was so revered, that people, who were religious believed it sprouted from the milk of the Queen of the Gods. Louis, the King had sat for the first time on the…

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How Does It Feel To Love Natalay Goldstein?

Natalay Goldstein is a soulful and very artistic woman who has got the chance to delight in the Californian sunsets every single day. She lives in the City of Angels, she is a writer and a blogger, she’s got the dream job of teaching writing, and she is into a beautiful relationship. We have a lot to learn from Natalay…

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for the love of the goddess

For the Love of the Goddess

Do you suffer from a tender, romantic heart? Welcome! THIS is the story of your next romantic interests. In a short time, you will fall in love with possibly every character in this book. Do you love mythology? Welcome!  You will be given the chance to hold the hand of a Great Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex, and treat her French breakfast. No one can resist the charms…

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someone else

What If You See Him With Someone Else

There is someone else? Before you die from jealousy, here are a few things you need to know: If he has got a romantic interest in you it is pretty plausible that he will gravitate around you together with his female entourage – for he wants to provoke you and to tease you. It goes without saying, his behavior emanates…

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Top Ten Sexiest Women And Their Story

Cleopatra With the death of her father, 18-year-old Cleopatra inherited an ancient kingdom. We have heard a lot about this strong legendary Queen, who was the last Pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt. She claimed to be Goddess Isis herself. The name Isis means “throne” and this Egyptian deity appears as the principle of natural fertility among all the religions of…

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taking it easy

Taking It Easy In Plovdiv

“The world runs, but we, we are going to take it easy…” Taking it easy is an emblematic expression for Plovdiv. It describes the majestic vibe of this old town…where everything seems to be relishing in slow motion.  People on the main street take their time chilling, here and there old pals gather to talk over a coffee or ice-cream.…

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